Alanya Municipal Assembly Approves the Cable Car

A new impetus to Alanya tourism kazanThe 'Alanya Castle Cable Car and Moving Belt System' project, which is expected to cost approximately 8 million TL, passed unanimously from the city council.
The meeting of the Municipal Assembly of Alanya was held at 14.00 at the Municipal Assembly Meeting Hall under the chairmanship of Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu. Assembly members of the AK Party Kadriye Görücü and other independent members of the parliament, including Mustafa Küçüker attended. Worker visa table, civil servant vacancies change table, contracted personnel 2012 additional payment rate, Erdem Demir's agreement with 1770 net fee and 723 additional payment, Ali Riza Vural and Mustafa Tuna's decision on the budget of the motorcycle bishop accepted.


Reconstruction Plan for Conservation Area of ​​Kadıpaşa Neighborhood, located in Kadıpaşa Neighborhood, and reconstruction of the reconstruction of 511 Island 2 parcel in Hacet Mahallesi. by the members of the assembly unanimously. At the request of Sipahioğlu, the last issue of the council, which was discussed at the request of the council, was explained to the members of the cable car to be made to Kale.

'Passed by the Union'

A new impetus to Alanya tourism kazanThe 'Alanya Castle Cable Car and Moving Belt System' project, which is expected to cost approximately 8 million TL, passed unanimously from the city council. The cable car, which is planned to be built in the Damlataş region, will start from Damlataş Beach and end on the slopes of the historical Alanya Castle. The project, brought to the agenda by Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu, was discussed at the city council meeting yesterday. Concerned that Alanya Castle might negatively affect its silhouette, AK Party members Mustafa Berberoğlu, Serhat Kayış, Adil Okur drew attention to the fact that the project should be implemented after consulting the relevant ministries and non-governmental organizations.


United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Cultural Heritage List candidate to the Alanya Castle traffic network prepared for the purpose of improving the 'Alanya Castle Cable Car and Moving Belt System' project came up at the Assembly of Alanya Municipality. Mayor Hasan Sipahioglu, who introduced the project to the members of the council, said that the cable car line will start in the Damlatas area and end in the Ehmedek area of ​​Alanya Castle.


Sipahioğlu stated that the carrier cabins will be 8 and will work at a distance of 600 meters., It is not true that large tour buses carry tourists to Alanya Castle. For this, we developed the inclined train project. However, since this project was not suitable for the geological structure of the castle, UNESCO suggested that we prepare an alternative transportation plan. We think that the cable car project will contribute to the prestige of Alanya Castle. The project is estimated to cost approximately 8 million TL. It is very difficult to meet this with the municipal budget. Therefore, we can apply the build-operate-transfer model. ”


Mustafa Berberoğlu, a member of the AK Party Parliament, said, asıl The main owner of the castle is the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The views of the City Council and the Chamber of Architects should also be taken. Our only concern concerns the silhouette of the Kale, a candidate for UNECO World Cultural Heritage List. The project is extremely important as 6 can provide economic contribution to Alanya until the year. For silhouette hesitations, we would like to meet with relevant organizations and put them into practice. We will handle these meetings with the organizations in Alanya within a week ”.


Reminding that Sipahioğlu had launched the inclined train project before the election, CHP Parliamentary Member Serdar Noyan said: şimdi You are now saying that this project is not suitable for the geological structure in the castle. Here, it turns out that you are not investigating the feasibility of the election projects you have put forward. ”MHP's İbrahim Görüş said that they are in favor of the realization of this project by telling the public well. In addition, Noyan said that the cable car project should be supported by trams with lines from Damlataş to İskele square. In the subsequent voting, it was accepted unanimously that the project was included in the zoning plan.

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