Alanya cable car project has been brought to the end?

AK Party District President Hussein South, tomorrow will be discussed in Alanya Municipal Council made important statements about the cable car Project.
The cable car project, which Alanya has been looking forward to for months, will be put on the table in Alanya City Council tomorrow. Details of the project discussed in the Zoning Commission for about a month will be told to councilors tomorrow and will be asked for support. In a statement he made earlier saying that he did not know the project, and the Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu'nun referring, "I think the information has not yet come to us," the implicit criticism of the AK Party District President Hussein South, today in his statement, as the organization and council members against the project they said they were not, but that there were some reservations about the completion of the project.
Today, the press conference held in Alanya about the Metropolitan Law, indicating that the South, about himself, "Congress has had a busy period, so I think it was not time to get information about the Cable Car Project," he said a response to the Mayor of Alanya Hasan Sipahioğlu chose not to give. Since the Teleferik Project is a new work to be carried out in Alanya, Güney emphasized that they decided to support the organization and added, olduğ We do not want this project to be brought to an end. Just don't let it happen. For example, Damlataş 100. We want to build a large ropeway park which will take the parking lot in front of the parking lot. We conveyed our opinion to Mr. Sipahioğlu. Bu
'We have understood the distance of ALANYA to ANTALYA'
On the other hand at the end of the week AK Party Antalya Provincial Building in the AK Party Antalya Local Governments Directorate 12. Giving information about the Shura Meeting South, Alanya Mayor Hasan Sipahioğlu meeting, the municipal mayors, city council members and members of the Provincial Assembly also said that attended. South, attending the meeting with the deputies of Antalya Vecdi Gonul and Menderes Turel and AK Party Deputy Governors of Local Governments and AK Party Burdur Deputy Hasan Hami Yildirim, Alanya said they told the distance from Antalya.
. Even now, there is a great distress due to the distance. If we connect to Antalya with the Metropolitan Law, we explained that the problems of Alanya will grow even more. If we go to Ankara in this matter, we will go to Prime Minister Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Deputy Prime Minister Mr. Bulent Arinc Ankara. Güney, söyl Mr. Gönül, Türel and Yıldırım said that the law is still ambiguous, so no comment or analysis can be made for the moment. For this reason, we will expect the law to be reflected on the public opinion as a draft. Bu

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