17 People Who Worked at Level Crossings were Unemployed after the Train Flights stopped in Adapazarı.

Due to the YHT line renovations, the 1 stopped Adapazari-Istanbul train service as of February. Railroad service stop stopping the job and the subcontractor company to pay the insurance because of the unemployment benefit of the benefit of the salary gate guards can not benefit by making a press release at the Railroad Trade Union wanted to eliminate grievances.

1 The 2012 gate guard, who was run by the subcontractor company after the trains stopped by the date of February 17, was unemployed. As the company does not pay the salaries of the employees and the outflow of the unemployment can not benefit from the 17 person who can not benefit from the Iron-Work Union Sakarya Branch.

Unemployed Hatem Ceylan, İbrahim Şeker, Necdet Şeker, Hurşit Yerbey, Ertaç Atar, Permanent Iron, Hüseyin Demir, Aydın Çakır, Mustafa Sevinç, Mehmet Üzüm, Adem Bir, İlkay Durmuş, Hasan Bir, Erol Keçili, Hidayet Çiçek, Erol Çiçek and Demiryol-İş Union Sakarya Branch President Cemal Yaman, who came together with Akın Atasoy; “The subcontractor system is a exploitation of labor. In this system, the legal rights of people are raped. ”

Speaking about the issue, President Cemal Yaman; “As of February 1, 17 of our friends were unemployed due to the train services stopped. These 17 friends, who regulate road traffic and rail traffic on train journeys, were also hit by a subcontractor company. When the workers, whose employment contract was terminated, applied to İşkur in order to benefit from the unemployment pension, they found that their insurance was still paid. These 17 people have been unemployed for 2 months. The subcontractor made a huge corruption by depositing the insurance of these people and saying to the state, 'I still employ them, you give me their money'. These people who have not received any payment for 2 months and their families have not asked how they are. None of the 2-month wages, 8-year severance pay, overtime wages and annual leave wages of these friends, who could not apply for unemployment benefits because they were not fired, were not paid by the company. As Demiryol-İş Union, we will support these friends in every respect even though they are not our members. On this occasion, we reveal again what kind of labor exploitation the subcontractor system we have been opposing for years, and how people's rights are seized in this system. real addressee of the Republic of Turkey State Railways of this business (TCDD), we invite you to the 1st Regional Directorate of responsibility, "he said.

Mahmut Temur, the owner of the subcontractor company, which is allegedly unfair to the workers, denied the claims; “When TCDD closed the railway, no unions were with us. When there were malfunctions in the passages, no officials came and stood by us. No employee has anything to take from me. I had to lay off friends because the expeditions stopped. I will report their exits before the legal period expires. ”

Hatem Ceylan remaining unemployed after stopping the train services, victims and victims said they expect to be eliminated as soon as possible.

The other guardians of the Railroad Work Union, 2 said they thought they would do what they would do throughout the year and asked the subcontractor to try to solve the problems.

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