Adana Public transport towards the new period

Adana Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Zihni Aldırmaz made important statements about the future of public transportation in Adana during the visit of the new management of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers Adana Branch.

Branch President Hüseyin Atıcı pointed out that during the visit, the work of the mechanical engineers and the municipality was united in many areas. An example of the work of elevator and natural gas, Atici said that public transport is one of the common activities.

Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Zihni Aldırmaz stated that natural gas is a new sector in Adana and said that they want engineers from Adana to work on this issue.

Explaining that they are aiming to make important changes in public transport, Aldırmaz continued:

“We are planning to gather minibuses, buses and metro under one roof. We will give a share to the vehicle owners accordingly and the vehicles will be on the traffic as needed. We have come a long way in this regard. The trades will earn more and the traffic will be relaxed. We are also planning to transform the city buses to run on natural gas. We appear with companies that make renovations in this regard. If our buses run on natural gas, fuel costs will decrease significantly. "

Aldırmaz stated that it is also important to complete the second stage of the rail system to Çukurova University and that this section will be carried out by the government.

Zihni Aldırmaz also stated that new boulevards would be opened to relax the city traffic and gave information to the mechanical engineers on the map.

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