Expropriation problem in the Rize Cable Car Project

Providing information about the ropeway project to be established on Rize Center and Dağbaşı line, Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı said, “We want to bring Rize to Rize. However, we have expropriation problems especially in the lands of Dağbaşı. 30 decares of land was expropriated. We are still working on persuasion with our citizens on the remaining lands. ”

Bakırcı mentioned the Smart City Project (AKOS) and said, “The smart city project in Rize is about to be completed. The project will be launched at the end of March. Thanks to the smart city project, all our citizens will be able to access all information about Rize in a single system. ”

Rize Mayor Halil Bakırcı stated that the sports complexes located on the coast of Rize İslampaşa are almost finished and they want to build a traffic training track right next to these facilities.

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