Funicular system to relax the beaches

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir, answered questions from journalists.

Stating that the traffic on both sides of the Bosphorus coasts experienced heavy traffic, indicating that they will connect the coast with metros on the hills Topbas, said these works will be completed in a very short time.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir, answered questions from journalists. On the question of. Can you give us information about the subway, which will go down to Hisarönü from the project of the Metropolitan Municipality, from Levent to Hisarönü and from there with the funicular system to Aşiyan en, Levent Our desire is to provide a comfort through the funicular system to the Bosphorus. But from the surface, like in Taksim Dolmabahçe-Tunnel shaped, not in the form of stroke. There are examples in Europe. If this is achieved, it will be possible to integrate with the coast. Thus, we would have given great support to the coastal traffic Böylece. A similar study, Üsküdar-Umraniye, Umraniye-Altunizade line to the coast line extending to Çekmeköy to reach the shore of the desire to find the top of the hill, so that coming from the hills to the beach, the coastline by going to the top of the funicular to reach the metro lines by a funicular system and a faster traffic flow stated that it could be ensured. Topbas stated that there was heavy traffic on both sides of the Bosphorus, so that they would connect the coast with metros in the hills and this would be an important solution. Topbas said that these studies would be finished in a short time.

What is the funicular system?
The system works with two vehicles, which are connected by a tensioning rope. After the vehicles cross side by side in the middle of the line and have reached a certain distance, these two lines are connected to one station and reach the stations.

We share the same values ​​as Kazakhstan
Mayor Topbaş received the consul-general of Kazakhstan in Istanbul, Askar Shokybayev. Topbas, the further increase of the brotherly relations between Shokybayev his duties throughout the year 3.5 Kazakhstan and Turkey exerted great efforts stating wished success in his new position in Dubai. Topbas said, kardeş Kazakhstan is our brother country. We are two nations with the same values ​​and emotions. Aynı Askar Shokybayev, "Mr. Topbaş'a for the hospitality he showed us," he said.

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