AK Party Deputy Head of Central Organization and Sakarya Deputy Hasan Ali Celik, the railway to Karasu 25 meters will be wide and will be connected to Karasu Port said. Steel, the new railway 330 million, Karasu Port is an investment of 65 million, stating that the larger projects, Sakarya further developed.
AK Party Deputy Head of Central Organization and Sakarya Deputy Hasan Ali Celik, Adapazari District Chairman Mustafa Ak, Adapazari District attended the neighborhood visits. Adapazari District Chairman Mustafa visited the weekly regular neighborhood and village visits this time with the Sakarya deputy Hasan Ali Steel. Firstly, visiting the Rustemler neighborhood, Çelik and Ak's Rüstemler Neighborhood Representative İlhami Damdam and the residents of the neighborhood were welcomed.
Residents of Rustemler Neighborhood were happy to see their proxies, and they asked the attending Çelik about the issues that were on the agenda. Karasu Port, Railway and 3. The bridge was among the questions asked by the residents of the neighborhood. Bağlantılı The new railway to be built will be linked to the 25 meter wide and Karasu Port. Its connection to the port will increase its economic functionality. It will lead to bigger investments in our city. In doing so, not only Karasu, but the whole province is done. Only the Port of Karasu 65 is a big project with a million pounds, the port will be the railroad connected, the new railway 330 is a big project of Million TL. Our city is developing with these giant investments, the development of our provinces is developing our country, İl he said.
After the neighborhood of Rustemler Little Rustemler known as the neighborhood of Rustemler who visited the neighborhood of the Deputy Hasan Ali Steel and District President Mustafa Ak was welcomed by the citizens.
Neighborhood residents had the opportunity to meet with the Attorney Veli Hasan Ali Çelik and District Chairman Mustafa Ak thanked. District President Mustafa Ak, "We are always with our citizens, the doors of our party is always open to everyone," he invited the neighborhood people to the district president.

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