Hadarpasa Train Station is on the agenda of the Assembly

CHP Istanbul Deputy Ali Özgündüz carried to the Assembly that there will be no train to leave from Hadarpaşa Train Station to Anatolia.
CHP Istanbul Deputy Ali Özgündüz gave a proposal to the Turkish Grand National Assembly Presidency for the response of Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım.
Indicating that there will be no trains from Hadarpaşa Train Station to Anatolia and Anatolia to Haydarpaşa Train Station as of February 24, 1 due to the high-speed train construction that will last 2012 months between Köseköy-Gebze, he said:
"For over a hundred years serving Turkey's largest Haydarpasa station while deactivated at the end of this month, with the start of the Marmaray construction Sirkeci Station will be deactivated. The fact that both stations will be deactivated and deserted has been a boon for those who are waiting for the rent to be born in the region. In order to stop going wrong, the group formed by our sensitive citizens, non-governmental organizations and professional chambers in Istanbul, which calls themselves 'Haydarpaşa Platform', makes various warnings. For example; It is stated that the said constructions can be made without suspending the train services completely and there are examples of this in the world. ”
He asked the following questions:
“As Haydarpaşa Platform has stated, if it is possible to carry out these projects without interrupting train services, why not go to this road? Which countries in the world have been examined on this subject? In our country, which opinions of non-governmental organizations, occupational chambers, which are the experts of the subject, were consulted?
Are there alternatives such as discounted bus services in order to eliminate the grievances of our citizens who will be the victims of the removal of the train services which are the transportation means of the narrow income?
How is the evaluation of one of the most important historical buildings of our country, Haydarpaşa Station and Sirkeci Station, which is also in the most important region, after the end of the Marmaray Project? What kind of studies are being done to turn these places into new rent areas?

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