The construction of the fountain was stopped in Eskişehir by the Metropolitan Municipality on the grounds that 'tramway will pass through the region'.

Şadvanvan, built by a philanthropist in the garden of the Alaeddin Mosque, the oldest mosque in the Seljuks of Eskişehir, brought the community of the CHP and the mosque community together. The construction of the fountain, which was built with the permission of Odunpazarı District Municipality and the Directorate of Foundations and spent 45 thousand TL until this time, was stopped due to the Metropolitan Municipality's 'tramway going through the region'. Then, despite the demand of the community and the mosque's administration, 'Pass the tramway from a distance from the mosque', he decided to demolish the fountain, which was spent 45 thousand TL. Citizens reacted to passing the fountain by destroying the fountain, although there were different alternatives for the new tramway route to pass. The philanthropist Yaşar Fidan, who built the fountain, reacted to the municipality's demolition decision, saying, “The construction of the fountain was cost us 45 thousand TL, but we are not at the expense. We want this to stay here. I will stop the fountain here at 50 thousand and 100 thousand. ” he spoke.
1267 in the period of the Anatolian Seljuk State III. Alaeddin Mosque, built during the time of Gıyaseddin Keyhüsrev, is one of the historical mosques in Eskişehir. Eskişehir Odunpazarı district in the name of the park in the name of the mosque in the past years, the arrangement of the mosque in front of the fountains and toilets were taken underground. But Yaşar Fidan (73), who saw the difficulties of old people getting ablution, decided to build a fountain in the mosque's garden. After working for two years from the District Municipality of Odunpazarı where the mosque is located, Fidan managed to obtain permission and Fidan started the construction of the fountain after the municipality showed itself. Fidan, who said that he had brought his marbles out of the city in order to be appropriate for the structure of the mosque, and that he spent a thousand TL for the fountain. Later, the rough construction of the Metropolitan Municipality teams near the end of the mosque came for measurement. Metropolitan Municipality's second stage tram extension project within the framework of the teams engaged in the measurement, the tramway pass through the place where the fountain and the fountain, so the fountain should be demolished, he said. In addition to the fountain, the authorities decided to demolish the underwater toilet and the ornamental pool built by the Odunpazarı Municipality.
Philanthropist Fidan, who did not know what to do after the decision in question, had to stop making the fountain. Fidan, who wanted to explain his problem to the authorities, did not get a positive answer from the places he went. Fidan said that the funerals of the prominent tradesmen of the city have been removed from this mosque as it is the oldest mosque in Eskişehir and said, “Now if the tram passes here, our bodies will not be removed. Metropolitan Municipality prevented us with an unknown reason. ” he spoke.
Ertuğrul Kocaoğlu (75), who stated that the elderly could not use the ablution place built under the mosque underground, pointed out that they started the construction of the fountain by getting all permissions from the municipality. “We applied to Odunpazarı and received its order. "They did it," they informed us in writing. " Kocaoğlu said that they started the construction of the fountain with the mosque association and Yaşar Fidan. Kocaoğlu said, “The passing of the tram through the mosque will cause both the labor to be lost and the beauty of the mosque to be destroyed. Therefore, we want the authorities to find a solution. ” spoke in the form.

Source: Cihan News Agency

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