The Rail System Transported '2011 Million Passengers' in 13.

The rail system, which was put into service in Samsun in 2010, carried a total of 2011 million passengers in 13. 36-meter-long trains will be taken to the rail system, which serves with 16 trains of 45 meters, and the "crowded" complaint will be eliminated.

Stating that the people of Samsun use the rail system as a safe and modern transportation vehicle, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Kenan Şara said that the passenger capacity transported responded to those who said that the rail system was unnecessary. Stating that there were great debates during the establishment of the rail system within the borders of the Metropolitan Municipality, Kenan Şara said, “We have done all kinds of work necessary for the establishment of the rail system in the city for 10 years and shared it with our people. Why is the construction of the rail system in Samsun discussed? Because Samsun was a city with a population of 560 thousand today and 300 thousand when we started the rail system. As a result, we found ourselves in some discussions. We always thought that the rail system was feasible in Samsun. We argued that the population of the city is not the only criterion for the construction of the rail system, and that there may be passenger demand in cities that stretch along the owner, like our city. The feasibility studies already conducted have confirmed this. We encountered and overcame some opposition both in the bureaucracy and in the city. Our Prime Minister also contributed greatly to bring the rail system to my city ”.


Stating that the rail system carried a total of 12 million passengers within a period of 13 months, Kenan Şara said, “The best answer to those who say“ The rail system is unnecessary ”was given by the rail system itself, which has been operating for more than a year. We activated the rail system on 1. We are in February 10.10.2010. We predicted 2012 vehicles in the rail system feasibility study. However, we bought 24 vehicles in the first place. Currently, all of our vehicles are working full. Atakum region is developing thanks to the rail system. The city shows us that it adopts the train as the number of passengers. During the 16-month period in 2011, our total number of passengers was 12 million. Our train carried about 13 thousand passengers a day. This number decreases a little more when the university is on vacation. We carry this passenger despite the right buses and minibuses operating in parallel with the rail system. This result shows us that the rail system feasibility study is correct. There is a potential of around 60 thousand passengers per hour in this region, which is an optimum number for systems that are not street tramways. The rail system has reached such a potential in 10 year ”.


Stating that new vehicles will be added to the system, Şara continued as follows: “We carry maximum passengers with 16 vehicles, we made an attempt to increase the number of trains. The length of the new trains will be around 36 meters, not 45 meters like the current trains. When we buy these trains, the complaints that the trains are 'crowded' will also disappear. Although the university was on vacation in January, the number of passengers we carry is 1 million 221 thousand 104 people. Trains are now used by the people of Samsun as a safe and modern means of transportation. "

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