Yenikapı Metro Urban Design Projects 6 to be delivered in April

Invited architectural teams have been determined in the Alım Invited Service of the International Architectural Design Project da which is organized for Yenikapı Transfer Point and Archeopark Area.

As a result of evaluations made by the 42 project team, the 7 project team replaced them with 9. Foreign and Turkish architecture offices in cooperation with the teams of the list of the following names are:

  • Tabanlıoğlu Architecture / Murat Tabanlıoğlu,
  • SelgasCano / Jose Selgas Rubio - Lucia Cano Pintos,
  • Terry Farrel & Partners / Sir Terry Farrel,
  • EAA-Emre Arolat Architects / Emre Arolat,
  • Eisenman Architects / Peter Eisenman + Aytaç Architects / Alper Aytaç,
  • Cafer Bozkurt Architecture / Cafer Bozkurt + MECANOO ARC./FRANCINE Houben,
  • Architects Design / Han Tümertekin + Hashim Sarkis Studios / Hashim Sarkis,
  • Atelye 70 / Prof. Hüseyin Kaptan + Cellini Francesco Francesco Cellini + Insula Architettura E Ingegneria,
  • MVRDV / Winy Maas + ABOUTBLANK

Invited architects were chosen, but how is the competition going on? In the recent days, the stage with the participation of the selected teams was completed and the participants were given the design brief of the competition.

We received some comments from the invited architectural teams about the process and operation of the competition. Generally speaking, the teams stating that they are in a difficult process, "Bureaucratic difficulties aside when the process can be said to be on the track when left for the process," comments such as, "Due to the nature of the contest and the nature of the already difficult to meet the delays in a process can be met naturally." In addition, the teams stated that the given specifications contained a lot of information, but at the same time they were a potential, and at the same time created a mess.

In order to avoid confusion or inaccuracy, the reporters were informed by the Competition Rapporteur that weekly question-answer sessions would be held during the competition process. This situation is welcomed by the teams.

The teams have until 6 April 2012 to deliver their projects. It is certain that the 9 team of experts from different professions will bring different and important suggestions for the field. The results will be announced in April at 9.

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