Work Begins When The Snow Raises in Uludağ

The authority confusion in Uludağ was resolved with the instruction of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Stating that when the snow is lifted in Uludağ, the works will start quickly, Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe said, “Uludağ demands attention and authority. Bursa has a strong local administration. Our resources are ready for Uludağ. Our time is limited. We wish to make a quick start at the summit. Our password is to bring Uludağ to Bursa ”.
Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe stated that Uludağ is one of the most important natural wonders of Bursa and that they will start to implement the different projects they prepared for Uludağ after the confusion of authority is resolved. Mayor Altepe said that the work will start after the snow is lifted. Stating that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is working to bring Uludag to the place it deserves, Altepe stated that Uludağ, one of the brands that contributed the most to Bursa, is one of the most beautiful mountains in the world and said, There are springs, streams and plateaus. It has a really beautiful woodland. 7 percent of Bursa has a forest area. Our most popular center is Uludağ ”.
Emphasizing that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan attaches great importance to Uludağ, Altepe said, “We often talk about the arrangements in Uludağ during the candidacy of our metropolitan mayor. When I meet the prime minister, we always talk about Uludağ. Uludağ is one of our most important issues. We must benefit from Uludağ economically. Only 2,5 months ski season is not enough in winter. Uluda is the most popular winter sports center. But it is imperative to open Uludağ 12 months of the year. not have many features, such as the ski resort of Uludag in Turkey have close to 10 thousand beds in our Uludag '. This is an important center. Uludağ should increase the occupancy rate of the hotels in Bursa. So what does Uludağ want? Uludağ seeks attention, seeks authority. It's a neighborhood for us. The shortcomings of the ratio should be corrected. "Its charm should be increased even more."
Underlining that there is a lack of infrastructure and superstructure in Uludağ, Altepe continued his words as follows:
“It has important shortcomings in this regard. If the transportation will be interrupted and the water will decrease, the local authority should step in here. Who should operate if sewerage is to be built? Of course, the Metropolitan Municipality should do this job. Bursa must deal with its shortage. In other words, the problems here should be solved by the Metropolitan Municipality, Osmangazi Municipality and the Governorship. We have a request in this regard. "
Reminding that the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs Veysel Eroğlu came to Bursa 4 months ago for the demolition of two public buildings in Uludağ, Altepe stated that they discussed Uludağ's authorization problem with Minister Eroğlu. Altepe said, “Our minister also supported the Metropolitan Municipality for the operation of this place. We visited Minister Eroğlu in Ankara on Thursday last week. We had meetings to overcome the authority problem in Uludağ. The ministry and the state cannot deal with all the infrastructure and superstructure works, from the sewage to the parking lot. We said 'let's do it' about Uludağ projects. We do not necessarily have a claim that 'we do it'. Whoever does it, let's bring Uludağ to Bursa. He made statements that those who go to Uludağ should see the place as an important center, and there should be no trouble and chaos.
Stating that the hotels in Uludağ are currently solving the sewerage and water problems themselves, Altepe stated that after the snow is removed, arrangements will be made in Uludağ. Altepe said, “There is not enough infrastructure and superstructure in Uludağ. Parking lots should be arranged. Vehicles should not be between hotels. Why is this 12 months of the year
not evaluated? Our minister gave the message that we will do this job. A protocol has been made on infrastructure before. Currently, our minister has said that he will support this financially. Uludağ deserves the best of everything. After a few days, our general manager will come to Bursa. With his arrival, we will give the project its final shape. After the snow is lifted, we will start an intense activity. Our working time is not very large. Snow may begin in October. The snow stays on the ground until April. With a quick start and a good work, we are determined to do very good work in Uludağ just in time. Our password is to bring Uludağ to Bursa "
Noting that the attraction of the city has increased with the investments made in Erzurum, Altepe emphasized that they have beautiful projects for Uludağ. Reminding the cable car project, Altepe said, “The infrastructure of the city should also be oriented towards tourism in Uludağ. Our ropeway project is in the middle. Studies continue. More comfortable transportation will be provided to Uludağ Hotels area with the cable car. In addition, the Bursa view will be watched to the full with glass terraces in Uludağ. You will see many beautiful places to Uludağ. No vehicles will enter the hotels in winter in Uludağ. We know very well where to do the job. We were thinking about this. These will be fulfilled quickly. Everyone will do their part. Our minister also supported these studies. There are studies prepared by our ministry ”.
Altepe stated that they intensively went out to tender and aimed to contribute to Uludağ's economy in summer and winter, and used the following statements in his statements:
“We will realize excellent projects in Uludağ. Why not world-famous organizations in Uludağ? Uludag's attraction will increase. New ski areas will be created. Region and plateau tourism will be revived in Uludağ, especially in the Alaçam region. Tourism will extend to these areas. There is a strong local government here. There are resources, and let's make it happen as soon as possible. We will do the best examples in Uludağ in Uludağ. "

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