Lakes Region Express Campaigns to Restart in 2013

goals express izmir isparta train schedule
goals express izmir isparta train schedule

The Lakes Region Express will restart its flights in 2013. It was stated that the train services, which were stopped in Isparta in 2008 due to maintenance and repair works on the roads, will be restarted in 2013. The Lakes Express, which went to Burdur in 2004 due to the rail renewal works, and the Pamukkale Express, which made the Istanbul and Izmir flights in 2008, were removed.

Maintenance and repair of 195 kilometers of 125 kilometer between Sandıklı district of Afyonkarahisar and Denizli has been completed. With the completion of the works on the 70 kilometer road between the town of Bozkurt in Denizli and Dinar district of Afyonkarahisar, the flights will start again.

Isparta Gar Manager Hüseyin Uçar said that they had entered the last 70 kilometers in the maintenance and repair works and said that the new construction, maintenance and repair work carried out over the years has been completed in the lines that will provide reciprocal flights between Isparta and Izmir and Isparta-Istanbul.

Uçar said that the train services will start in 2013. Yıl The train is completely renewed. In some places the level of the rail is excavated by one and a half meters, while in some places it is raised with filling. Using concrete sleepers, the rails used in the current high-speed trains are being used. Beton



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