What is the negotiation procedure?

Public Procurement Authority - Negotiation Procedure
Public Procurement Authority - Negotiation Procedure

If the tender announcement is published or not published (without the name), the tenders which can be found and followed by ekap.com.tr can be made under the following conditions.

For public purchases

  • In the event that there is no result / offer in the tender made by the open tender procedure or the tender procedure between certain tenderers (21 / a)
  • In case the tender is obliged to be made immediately upon the occurrence of sudden and unexpected events such as natural disasters, epidemics, danger of loss of life or property, or unforeseeable events by the administration (21 / b)

  • Upon the emergence of special cases related to defense and security, it is obligatory to make the tender in urgent order (21 / c)

  • If the tender is in need of research and development process and is not subject to mass production (21 / d)

  • When the procurement of goods or services subject to the tender and the technical and financial characteristics of the works cannot be determined due to their specificity and complexity (21 / e)

  • For the purchase of finished goods, materials or services whose approximate cost does not exceed 144.103 TL (One Hundred Four Forty Hundred Three Turkish Liras) (21 / f)

Contracting may be awarded with the MARKETING PROCEDURE


I) It is not obligatory to announce the tenders made under 21 / b, 21 / c and 21 / f.
In cases where there are no advertisements, at least three tenderers are invited to submit their competency documents and quotations.

II) In the tenders to be held within the scope of 21 / a, 21 / d and 21 / e, the tenderers whose qualification is determined according to the evaluation criteria specified in the tender document shall first submit their first bids which do not include prices in terms of technical details of the subject matter of the tender and the realization methods.

The tender commission shall consult with each tenderer on the methods and solutions that best meet the needs of the administration.

Upon the clarification of the conditions as a result of the technical interviews, the tenderers who can meet these requirements are asked to submit their bids, including the quotations, based on the technical specifications clarified.

III) In the procurement of goods to be made under 21 / b, 21 / c and 21 / f, it is not obligatory to conclude contracts and obtain final guarantees if the goods are delivered within the contracting period and it is found appropriate by the administration.

Public Procurement Law No. 4734

Download 4734 Public Procurement Law



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