Unimpeded transport demand for disabled citizens in Antalya tram

The new transportation system also frustrated the disabled. The biggest problem is that vehicles other than the 40 bus of the metropolitan area are not suitable for the use of disabled citizens. Changing the route of buses suitable for disabled vehicles, revolted the disabled. Kepez Karşıyaka He says that citizens with disabilities who live in the neighborhood are stuck on transportation barriers.

Karşıyaka Physically disabled Yusuf Çırak, Ekrem Güler and Hüseyin Şahin, who reside in the neighborhood, travel half an hour to get to the center and to the hospital. Yusuf Çırak, who lives in a wheelchair with a cordless wheelchair, Karşıyaka It takes 30 minutes to get to the tram station in Dokuma. Apprentice, before the recent changes in the transport system, the Municipality of Kepez and Sakarya Boulevard benefited from disabled vehicles in the new buses of the Metropolitan Municipality passed, but said that the new system. Apprentice, red buses to work on these routes or vehicles running on this route to facilitate the transportation of disabled citizens wanted systems to be added.

Hüseyin Şahin and Ekrem Güler, who live in the same neighborhood, have similar complaints. Hussein Sahin, 60 disabled because of the paralysis of his life as a child continues to live. Falcon, 250 meter is more than a walk away, stating that 5 more than a minute could not stand. Sahin, the disabled citizens wanted to be interested in this issue by specifying that they want unhindered transportation.

Source: Channel VIP

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