The tram came from Avea Turkey's First Stand

Tram Dealer
Tram Dealer

Avea went on a journey in Beyoğlu with the 'Trambayi' that it applied as an integrated part of the Beyoğlu tram. While hosting thousands of passengers on the Beyoğlu-Tünel route with the busiest hours of January 14-15-20-21-22-23-24 January, it was the focus of interest as we can imagine.

Avea Marketing Director Sinem Üner Ünsal, in his statement made regarding Trambayi outdoor advertising, which includes details about the renewed dealer design and the rapidly growing dealer network, said:

The GSM market is positioned as one of the most vibrant and dynamic markets in the country as of today. As Avea, we strive to achieve works that differentiate and stand out both with our products, services and services and our tone of communication. The fact that there are different platforms that feed each other in the brand's meeting with customers also positively affects the brand health. Based on this, we are trying to use outdoor advertising in the most efficient way possible. With our creative “Trambayi” work, which explains our renewed dealer concept and our rapidly increasing dealer network; We received very positive responses by touching the consumer directly.

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