Tramway Accidents and Mitigation Measures

📩 24/11/2018 11:47

As a type of urban rail systems, the rate of accidents in the tram is higher than other urban rail systems. In this study, the effective reasons for the occurrence of tram accidents are investigated by considering the statistical results in different countries. Tram accidents can be examined according to their causes. For pedestrians and cyclists, the most important is what happens at the tram station.

Although accidents caused by collision of tram with other motor vehicles occur more frequently than accidents between tram and pedestrians / cyclists, these accidents result in more loss of property.

In the continuation of the study, necessary and appropriate measures to reduce tram accidents are examined considering the categories.

Professor Dr. More professionals named zübeyde öztürk
ITU Faculty of Civil Engineering is

To download the pdf file: TramCash Accidents and ReductionModes-Zubeyde-Ozturk

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