Another station was added to Torbalı-Tepeköy line

A new station was added to the Torbalı-Tepeköy line, which will bring the İZBAN line to 110. The new station will be built in the village of Develi. Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD decided to build a station on the village.

Another station was added to the Torbalı-Tepeköy line, which will increase the İZBAN line to 110 kilometers. The new station will be built in Develi village. Upon the decision of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and TCDD to extend the 80-kilometer İZBAN line to Torbalı Tepeköy with an additional line of 30 kilometers, it was envisaged to construct stations in Tekeli, Torbalı, Pancar and Tepeköy, and also 7 highway overpasses were planned. Meanwhile, a request was received from the residents of Develi village on the line to build a station in the village. Upon the intense demands, the Metropolitan Municipality asked the project partner TCDD for its opinion on the station to be built in Develi village. TCDD Regional Directorate also gave a positive opinion to the letter of the Metropolitan Municipality. Upon the positive opinion of TCDD, the Metropolitan Municipality included Develi village in the project and increased the number of stations from 4 to 5.

6 AYDA RAYLAR will be opened, 2 will be opened in the year service

TCDD Regional Manager Sebahattin Eriş said that they responded positively to the opinion asked by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for the Develi station and said, “We stated that it would be a great benefit to build a station in Develi. Thus, the number of stations increased from 4 to 5 ”. Stating that the works on the Cumaovası-Torbalı-Tepeköy line are continuing, Eriş said that they made a tender for the construction of the works under their obligations and signed a contract with the company that won the tender for 26,5 million lira, saying, ) wall will be made. Turnkey work duration is 240 days. Before the end of 2012, if nothing goes wrong, this job will be finished in 6 months ”. Drawing attention to the fact that the electrification and signaling works of the line are on the agenda with foreign loans, Eriş said, “We made the tender. The contract is currently at the signing stage. We plan to do electrification and signaling works with foreign loans. "It will take 2 years for all these processes to be done."


IZMİR Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that the project drawing works have started for 4 stations and 7 overpasses, and all correspondence for the 5th station has been completed and said, “Discoveries are being prepared before the construction tender. Whether the Develi Village Station can also be built within the scope of this project tender will be determined as a result of the meeting with Aksa Proje, which won the tender in the coming days. If possible, the project of the 5th station will be drawn within the same tender as the other 4 stations. If not, a separate tender will be held for the projects of the 5th station ”. Stating that a construction tender can be held in 4 or 5 months in the absence of anything wrong, the municipality officials said that the work continues uninterrupted.


Within the scope of the additional line to be built to the ALIAGA-Menderes Suburban System, one more station will be built in Tekeli, Pancar, Develi village, Torbalı and Tepeköy after Cumaovası Station. Again in Tekeli, Pancar, Torbalı and Tepeköy; A total of 3 highway underpasses, 7 of which will be built at appropriate points along the line. With the commissioning of the line, passengers getting off from Aliağa and the city center will have the opportunity to travel safely, quickly, uninterruptedly and comfortably to Torbalı. Selçuk, Bayındır, Tire and Ödemiş passengers will also be able to travel by rail from Torbalı to İzmir center and then to Aliağa. With the commissioning of the line, it will be possible to cover the 30-kilometer distance from Torbalı Tepeköy to Cumaovası in 25-26 minutes.

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