Public transport system updated

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, 20 August 2011'da began to implement, but received great criticism of the new public transportation system went to edit.
New transport maps were prepared with information on changes and updates to the public transport system. The new maps prepared by the Metropolitan Municipality were put on public transportation stops and headmen. According to the information on the maps, some routes were changed. 12 trunk line, 38 trunk line, 7 trunking line, 6 Antray tranportation line, 31 trunk line, 1 tranportation line, 1 during winter and 4 tranformation during summer.
In the night lines, due to the lack of passenger density due to the winter, only the KL 08 number one line up to the summer timetable will depart from the Gürsu Transfer Center in a single hour and from the Lara (Güzeloba) Transfer Center in the couple of hours. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, the last changes and routes in the system with maps and passenger stations were placed in the muhtarlıklarına. The information of the lines passing through that stop will be hanged. Citizen, the expected number of lines from the stop at the stop through the information that can be found in the stops.

Source: CİHAN


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