TCDD to organize train tours to the Balkans on request

Raytur Travel Agency, the foundation of TCDD Foundation, will organize a Balkan tour again between April 20 and May 4, 2012 upon popular demand. The tour will last 15 days; It covers 7 countries including Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia.

The excursion organized by the agency with private bed trains is not limited to the Balkans. In addition to the GAP Tour, which includes Adıyaman- Diyarbakır-Mardin-Midyat-Şanlıurfa-Gaziantep-Hatay-İskenderun provinces; It also organizes a Black Sea Tour that includes Ankara-Sivas-Amasya-Samsun-Ordu-Giresun-Trabzon-Rize and Erzincan provinces.

In addition to the pleasure of private train travel, Ray-Tur offers the opportunity to get acquainted with the historical history, culture and the unique cuisine of the cities that cover the tour. All kinds of needs of passengers were considered in the private train furnished with the comfort of a five star hotel. On the other hand, Raytur organizes daily tours to Eskişehir and Konya by High Speed ​​Train.

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