TCDD's Amasya Activities

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) Amasya Station Chief Yalçın Zobu, "the scope of transport activities in 2011. We have provided 1 million 375 thousand 892 pounds of income," he said.

Zobu, in a statement to AA correspondent, said that in 2011, 141 thousand 770 passengers and 25 thousand 512 tons of cargo were transported by rail in Amasya.

Zobu stated that they left behind a busy year both in terms of passengers and cargo transportation.

“2011 was at an intense pace in Amasya. Our railways were very popular both in terms of passenger and cargo transportation. In the year we left behind, we carried 141 thousand 770 passengers and 25 thousand 512 tons of cargo. In 2011, we generated 1 million 375 thousand 892 liras within the scope of transportation activities. Railways are especially preferred in freight transportation. Along with the increased comfort in recent years, there is a big increase in passenger transportation. I think 2012 will be a busy year. ”

Stating that the wall construction works around the railways passing through the city continue, Zobu said, “We are building walls around the railways for the safety of the railways passing through the city. With the work we started last year, we finished the part between Amasya and Eryatağı. This year, we will finish the wall works between Amasya and Boğazkale. Our goal is to provide the best service to our citizens. For this, we will show our best efforts with our team in 2012 ”.

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