A Silent Farewell to TCDD Haydarpaşa Station

Haydarpasa Train Station
Haydarpasa Train Station

I did something last week that I haven't done in a long time. I took the train from Haydarpaşa Train Station in the evening and went to Ankara. On my way back from Ankara, I returned to Eskişehir by high-speed train and then to İstanbul with Cumhuriyet Ekspresi. I worked on the road, I chatted, I had dinner, I slept, I was bored when I was bored.

While I was looking at the remarkable Anatolian landscapes flowing through the huge train window, I decided that no other means of transportation were satisfied.

When I landed in Haydarpaşa, I thought of the classic Turkish films ile I'll beat you Istanbul! Da. I smiled. Ya I smiled as I walked in front of the same green painted kiosks standing in the same place in my childhood. I figured out how many people we've seen and greeted in this great garda Bu
How many people took their first steps to İstanbul from Haydarpaşa and now they know what their lives look like n I thought how many TCDD officers faced with their jobs face to face Kaç

After that, I decided to travel more often by train, even if I didn't have a job in Haydarpaşa, from time to time I would visit the restaurant inside.

Campaigns canceled

However, when I asked for a ticket for the Eastern Express, my dream began to dissipate like a dark cloud: The last time would be on New Year's Eve… The Istanbul-Izmit route would be closed for the maintenance of the rails. How much? Too long…

For months!

A few days later, the news came out: Due to the work to be done for the high-speed train, a train service would be organized at limited hours in January. As of February, train services between Istanbul and Izmit would be canceled until 2014.

This meant that trains departing from Haydarpasa were reduced and were completely removed from service for a long time.

There was a fire inside me: So, after the work was done, would Haydarpaşa continue to serve as a gar? Or did I know I was on the train from Haydarpaşa for the last time?

What will the project be?

If you remember two years ago, the Haydarpaşa Mec Gar and Port Transformation Project Dönüşüm was approved by the IMM Parliament. According to this, Haydarpaşa Train Station and its surrounding buildings would be a tourism and trade center. With the commissioning of Marmaray, Haydarpaşa's function would be changed.

However, the reactions of the public came to a halt with the burning of Haydarpaşa's roof. Advisory Board Member of the Restoration Project Afife Batur arp We persist in maintaining the function of Haydarpaşa as being the cause of existence “.

Haydarpaşa debate has been silent for the day. Now the train station won't be used for a while. Of course we are not opposed to the renewal of the tracks. The experts should give the answer to why it will take so long.

My fear is that Haydarpaşa's farewell to Istanbul is silent. Kork Similar to the v renovation… moves in the city, we were so conditioned to the blows that followed the silence.

I hope the authorities will explain the future of Haydarpaşa in detail, and I will be wrong. – Mehveş Evin – Milliyet

Günceleme: 17/01/2022 11:34

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