TCDD completes resource management with Havelsan

Railway management is one of the most important steps of the rapid development of the transportation sector in Turkey. In Turkish railway operations, significant breakthroughs were made in order to make this sector compete with other national transport sector. High-speed train as a contemporary system in accordance with other modernization projects to technological developments occurring imparted in the international arena Turkey, increasing the current capacity and additional line projecting the Republic of Turkey and the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) which was some of the other technological breakthroughs.
With these investments in recent years, TCDD has reached a structure that is hard to manage and difficult to manage, while the systems and systems where the systems are integrated are needed to manage these structures. In this context, it decided to implement the transition to the ile Enterprise Resource Management Information System adı covering a fully integrated resource management and business management system by signing a contract with Havelsan in 2007. The project, which was implemented in 2008 following the agreement signed with Havelsan, and the final acceptance made in November 2011, took its place among the few fully integrated Railway Management and Resource Management System projects in this scale and scope in the world.
While SAP technologies were used within the scope of the project, 9 separate modules were designed and developed by Havelsan teams in accordance with the TCDD organization, business and management legislation. Each module is the size of a separate information system in terms of scope and function.

• Financial Resources Management System,
• Business Management Information System,
• Car Maintenance Management System,
• Material and Inventory Control Management System,
• Human Resources Management System,
• Infrastructure Assets Management System,
• International Ticket Sales and Reservation System.

Havelsan officials said in a statement;

Uştur Software development work, long-term expert user and end-user tests have been completed and developed after the 2010 XNUMX system has been implemented live. All the assets, resources and operations of KKM and TCDD are integrated with each other and made up-to-date and visible. the statement said.

Havelsan officials said that the project realized with TCDD will gain an important place in this sector and will gain prestige and this will turn into new business opportunities.

Source: IT news

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