Push Button for Controversial High Speed ​​Train Project

📩 25/02/2023 23:20

Decision has been made for the controversial high-speed train project in England.

Despite the opposition of various segments of London and Birmingham between the cities decided to build high-speed train line.

The UK government approved the controversial high-speed train between London and Birmingham.

The 50 project will cost millions of dollars and will reduce the 225 mileage journey to 50 minutes.

When the line between the two biggest cities of the country is completed, 4, which uses air and land routes in a year, is expected to prefer high-speed train to half a million people.

There are also reactions from many segments of the project.

Environmentalists and those living in the areas on the route object to the project on the grounds that nature will be harmed.

The line is not economic opinion is expressed.

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