High speed train project between Oslo and Berlin

NORWAY announced that a project has been prepared to remove high-speed trains to Germany via Sweden and under the Baltic Sea, taking Denmark out of the way.

According to the project, which is planned to be completed by 2030, in the statement of Oslo Teknopol, the trade promotion association in Oslo, the high-speed train departing from Oslo will go to Berlin via Sweden and under the Baltic sea without stopping by Denmark. After the project was completed, it was reported that humanity would increase significantly between Oslo and Berlin.

Stating that the project will cost 17.5 billion Euros, Teknopol announced that it is expected that the financing of the project, which is still at the idea stage, will be covered by the Norwegian Oil Fund. The project was reported to show interest in German politicians. It was noted that the Parliamentary Finance Commission in Germany was reviewing the project.

Noting that the project will be presented to Swedish politicians, Teknopol noted that such large projects were planned many years before they took place and that it took years to complete.

Aircraft companies have suggested that flights between Norway, Sweden and Germany will be interrupted if the project takes place.

Source : http://www.hurriyet.de

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