(Special News) New Year's Goal in Kardemir is to be the Production Center of Railway Materials

Karabük Iron and Steel Enterprises (KARDEMİR) A.Ş. General Manager Fadıl Demirel said that they will start production of wagons in 2012 as well as rail and scissor productions. This will be the center of the production of railway materials. ”

In his statement to İHA, Demirel said that they have been experiencing a very jerky and tough process for the last 2 years, but they are a KARDEMİR, who is calm from the fluctuating and difficult process, locked in the target and focused on success. Explaining that 2011 was a very good name for KARDEMİR compared to the previous year, Demirel said, “I think that we have taken very serious steps towards becoming a transformational and modern KARDEMİR. There was a transformation in terms of both capacity increase and quality increase and administrative activities.

There is a KARDEMIR truth that goes back and forth. The last 2 has been in a very jerky year. This process was a difficult process. If you pay attention to this calm and arduous process, calm, target again, success-oriented KARDEMIR is my longing. We believe we have achieved this in a short time. KARDEMİR employees and the KARDEMİR family are all in a single and full body.

has come to the point. It continues with this understanding day by day. This was my longing. I am proud to see that we have done this step by step and to be doing it ”.


Stating that KARDEMİR will be unrivaled and exemplary in some serious areas, Fadıl Demirel continued as follows:

“Our last pace is now. Our trend in the second half of the year is 1 million 600 thousand ratings. Therefore, production continues at these rates. All suitable infrastructure, procurement and sales have come to these points. This means a production increase of about 40 percent. It was a record for us in the past year. Thereupon, this record was formed. Hopefully this will continue. We have 3 million tons of targets and we will achieve this in 1.5 years. This is our goal. These are happy and pleasurable things. Everyone is happy and happy

things that happen separately. It is something that the people who run this factory, those who have anticipation, will be proud of, will be pleasure and happiness. 3 million tons is not an easily compensated figure. It even takes courage to compensate. All factory employees do this. ”


to produce products that can not be produced by anyone other than stating them in Turkey General Manager Fadil Demirel said, "We are the TCDD's sole manufacturer of rail. We manufacture TDDY, including high speed train tracks. We are the only manufacturer not only in the region of Turkey. Only we can produce rails in the region, which includes the Turkish Republics, Arab and North African countries. We are an organization that can produce heavy and medium-weight profiles with a very modern rolling mill. Our biggest advantage is from ore

having the power of production and quality. Here, we are both the rail manufacturer and also the scissor manufacturer. Another thing is the new project we are working on and which we will start producing in 2012, is wagon production. It is a very serious production product in the wagon. We will do that too. Then there are other materials related to the railroad. This will be the center of the production of railway materials. ”

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