Snow stench at metrobus stops

Snow in Istanbul in the evening slow down the vehicle traffic. Buses stop arriving at the stops due to a delay occurred. At the metrobus stop in Avcılar, there was a long time in the evening. Citizens rushed to the bus and minibuses to the stop while others tried to continue on the road with hitchhiking.

Due to heavy snowfall, the E5 highway started to take snow from Küçükçekmece Lake in the direction of Büyükçekmece. Car traffic on the road covered with snow was paralyzed. Slow moving of vehicles also slowed public transport. Metrobüsün Avcılar last stop at the transfer point of the citizens due to intensified traffic became victims.

Due to the snow keeping of the roads and the ongoing snowfall, the traffic came to a halt and the buses had difficulty in reaching the station. The late arrival of the buses caused the clutter at the stop. Especially after the end of the work hours, crowded from 18.00, the bus waited for the bus for a long time.

Buses arriving late were reached by a group of citizens staying on the road. Buses that could reach the station were filled with tensions and there were occasional tensions between citizens who were on the bus.

Some of the citizens waiting for the bus under the snowfall tried to go on their way with hitchhiking. Some vehicle drivers also took their vehicles to help citizens waiting at the stop.

Citizens have long waited for a bus while some of the bus routes were changed. Due to heavy snow, buses continue on their way from main roads, which did not enter the intermediate routes.

Source: CİHAN

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