Risk of death from airlessness in Marmaray

Professor Dr. Semavi Eyice, 3 to Istanbul. bridge, Marmaray, restoration work laid on the table.

Turkey's most important Byzantine scholar and art historian Prof. Dr. Semavi Eyice spoke to Nesrullah Sonay from BUGÜN Newspaper.

“I am against building roads by laying pipes from underwater. The electrical and air drafts of such structures should never be stopped. When the vehicle passes through, when the electricity is cut, the inside dies within 5-10 minutes. There were power cuts in a tunnel in Europe, and 35 people were killed inside. ”


. I have witnessed similar situations in Europe. A sudden stop occurred in the metropolis under the River Seine in Paris. We're just breathless. The folks fainted. Because the generator does not start immediately. 4 hours did not have electricity in Istanbul recently. We can have the same thing. 3. I do not know how to do the bridge but I can say that it is necessary. Especially useful for heavy vehicles. To find a solution to the traffic of Istanbul, we must divide the city into two. That is, two different cities, namely Anatolia and Europe. Yani

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