Recep Tayyip Erdogan: Marmaray is a World Project

Halkali Istanbul Airport Metro Line Integrated with YHT and Marmara
Halkalı Integrated to Istanbul Airport Metro Line YHT and Marmaray

📩 25/02/2023 18:30

On January 14, 2012, we held the first rail welding ceremony of the Marmaray Project in Istanbul. Connecting two continents by placing tubes under the Bosphorus was a dream project 150 years ago. We, as the AK Party government, initiated this dream by striking the first digging in August 2004.

As part of the Marmaray Project, we are building 40 stations on the Asian and Anatolian sides. When the project is completed, it will be possible to take Üsküdar Sirkeci in 4 minutes. from Gebze HalkalıIt will be possible to reach 105 minutes. I want to emphasize an important point here. Marmaray is not an Istanbul project. Marmaray is a global scale investment, a Turkey and even a world project that connects two continents with railways. We are connecting London to Beijing with this project.

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