Recep Altepe Yildirim reminded that the remaining stations will be put into operation and said we attach great importance to Yıldırm

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Recep Altepe, tram production, rail system projects, such as science technology centers and stadiums to carry the city to the future projects, while the people's priorities do not neglect, he said. Noting that they are closely interested in all demands from neighborhoods, President Altepe said, Başkan Our priority is the priority of our people. Mah

Altepe, Sculpture in the historic building AK Party Lightning District Chairman Hüdayi Yazıcı and board members were hosted. In this period, the Metropolitan Municipality, and they put forward a different understanding of the area of ​​responsibility regardless of the people working in all regions in line with the demands of the President Altepe, in this sense, important studies have been implemented in the Lightning, he said. Bursaray Kestel line with the intervention of the remaining missing stations will be taken in Yıldırım Altepe, m We attach great importance to Yıldırım. In such areas as Arabayatağı, Yavuzselim, and Değirmenlikızık, our investments such as creek improvement, sports facility and social reinforcement area continue. The priority of our people is our priority. For this reason, we are constantly coming together with our mukhtars and determining the problems. We visit neighborhoods and make on-site detections. Lightning will also receive service during this period, as is the case throughout Bursa. Yıldırım

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