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Unknowns About CAF Brand YHT High Speed ​​​​Train
Unknowns About CAF Brand YHT High Speed ​​​​Train

The year of 2015 seems to be a historic year in which İzmir will be the first in transportation. It is announced that the high-speed train that will make Ankara the neighboring gate will be put into service at 2015 three years later. Malum Izmir-Istanbul Motorway is planned to be completed on the same dates.

TAV's tender kazanConsidering that the new domestic terminal, which was established on 1 January and started to operate immediately, will be put into service by the beginning of 2015 at the latest, İzmir will have achieved the quality and standards of the leading cities of the world in air, land and railways.

2015 may indeed be a new leap year for cruise ship projects and gulf ferries.

If the motorway and railway projects can be completed on time, the 2015-7 will take the 8 time to 3.5. You will be able to reach Ankara by 13 hour instead of 3.5.
We hope these beautiful projects are affected by the crisis in Europe and cannot be overestimated and can be carried out without delay. Fortunately, the number of local and foreign record firms has increased hopes for the high speed train line.

15-20 has developed high-speed train networks around the world. Last week during the New Year's holiday, 20 made a new world record by traveling with Chinese high-speed trains. Even if the holiday was short, the Chinese benefited from the speed of transportation and were able to travel the places they wanted.

At least 250 km. Our lives will also change when the High Speed ​​Train, also called the 'bullet train', starts to run. Eskisehir and 1 minutes can be reached only by 20 hours and 90 minutes by high-speed train. Manisa, Turgutlu, Salihli, Eşme, Uşak,

Banaz and Afyonkarahisar will be like Izmir

Going to Ankara by train can be preferred to the plane. An hour early to go to the airport, riding, getting up, going to the city to go to the plane is already finding about three hours. When the high-speed train starts to work, Izmir residents will find themselves in the center of Ankara while having breakfast, doing their breakfast and reading the newspaper.

High Speed ​​Train will change the life of the cities on the road. When places such as Manisa, Turgutlu and Salihli are paused, these settlements will suddenly become 30-40 minutes to Izmir.

When the project is completed, a mutual 40 trip between Ankara and Izmir is planned. Thus, it will be possible to return to Ankara, which is the farthest point of Izmir, in the morning and evening. Or 1.5 will go to the day to the day of the union of snow to take snow, thermal pool will be able to return after a nice meal.

There is no need to mention the increase in the volume of trade between cities with the ease of transportation. For example, entrepreneurs who know their business grow the famous Afyon cream cheese to the breakfast tables of the people of Izmir in the morning. kazanto them, kazanthey can add three.

As you can see, as the transportation accelerates, life will be colored in Izmir. Istanbul will open its doors to a new world from 2015 on the one hand and Istanbul on the other.

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