Prime Minister Erdogan: "Marmaray is a world project"

On January 14, we held the first rail welding ceremony of the Marmaray Project in Istanbul. It was an imaginary project 150 years ago to unite the two continents by placing tubes under the Bosporus. We, as the Ak Party government, started this dream in August 2004 by shooting the first pickaxe.

As part of the Marmaray Project, we are building 40 stations on the Asian and Anatolian sides. When the project is completed, it will be possible to take Üsküdar Sirkeci in 4 minutes. from Gebze Halkalıwill be able to reach in 105 minutes. I would like to emphasize an important point here. Marmaray is not an Istanbul project. Marmaray two continents, combining global scale with an investment in the railways, a Turkey, even the World project. We link London to Beijing with this project.

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