President Altepe Showed the Press in Bursaray

Bursa Metropolitan Mayor Recep Altepe, the new era of the university in September, with the start of the opening of the BursaRay Görükle line made a technical trip with members of the press.

In fact, President Altepe, who gave information about the modern productions carried out, said that thanks to the project change, 36 percent more lines were transferred to Bursa. kazanHe also noted that the future extension of the Görükle line to the west paves the way.

Mayor Altepe, who came together with Erdem Saker, one of the former mayors of the Metropolitan Municipality, and the municipal bureaucrats at BursaRay Şehreküstü Station, gave information about the vizematic that eliminated the queue wait in visa updates. Noting that the number of vizematics designed and engineered in Bursa will be increased over time, President Altepe said, “Our people will be able to make visa updates without waiting in line here. said.

Afterwards, President Altepe, who was on board with the members of the press together with Bursaray, gave information about the changes made in the project during the journey up to Görükle.

Stating that there is a 900-meter-long tunnel on the Görükle line, Mayor Altepe said, “We have turned the tunnel, which will be made by drilling, into a cut-and-cover tunnel. After all, here is the tunnel again. Only labor was made more economical. In the center of the city, all tunnels were cut and covered, and a drilled tunnel was proposed for a large area such as the university. We decided that this was not necessary. Again, we made good use of the elevation differences on the line and made some changes. The old project was passing under Ayvali Dere, we went over it. In this way, with the changes we made in the project, we built an additional line of approximately 2,5 kilometers with two stops until Emek. For this, we did not make additional tenders, nor did we increase the job, nor did we give much money. After all, with this rational change, Bursa kazanwas.” said.

President Altepe, descending at the last stop on the campus of Görükle, showed the location of the last station in the project that was changed to the members of the press.

Mayor Altepe, who showed the point where excavations for the project in the area where there is a football field at the back of the faculty buildings, said: inşaat Construction started when we arrived. We stopped immediately. Because if the project had not changed, the line would have ended here. It would not be possible to extend the line behind the buildings to Görükle, İrfaniye and Hasanağa in the future. However, drilling tunnels could be passed under the buildings at high costs. Also, if this was the last stop, public transportation from Görükle, İrfaniye, Hasanağa and Kayapa would have to bring its passengers into the campus to be integrated with Bursaray. This was inconvenient both in terms of traffic density on campus and in terms of security. The rectorate stated that the entrance to the university should be controlled and they approved our project change. They were pleased with this change. ”


Mayor Altepe stated that the project change brought great convenience for the citizens who had to go to the Hospital of the Faculty of Medicine every day and said, Alt The last station in the old project was on the east side of the Faculty building. We took the last station 130 – 140 meter further parallel to the Ankara-Izmir Road. Citizens leaving the station immediately reach the polyclinics. To walk to the emergency room is enough to walk the 80 meter. However, if the old project had to walk to the emergency room 400 meters. In addition, thanks to the last station parallel to Izmir road, our citizens from Görükle, İrfaniye and Hasanağa will transfer here and reach the city center via Bursaray. Again, our students will be able to reach every corner of the campus easily through the feed lines we do from here..

Source: Cihan

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