MUSIAD Aksaray Branch pressed the button for the "Logistics Center Project", the second giant project for Aksaray.

MÜSİAD Aksaray Branch has launched a new study for the establishment of the etkin Logistics Center arası in Aksaray, which is considered to be an important function of the caravanserais and to activate its strategic position on the historical Ipekyol in order to take place in the national and international trade.

Konya Selcuk University Faculty Member Assoc. Dr. Aksaray Municipality Vice President Mr. Abdurrahim Sertdemir, Vice Rector of Aksaray University. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Bahadır Akın Dr. İbrahim Bakırtaş, Vice President of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Ramazan Yılmaz, Regional Manager of Organized Industry İsmet Çağlar and MÜSİAD Board Members attended.

Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone to increase the capacity and production center of Aksaray "logistic center" to be a great need for the "MUSIAD Aksaray Branch of the Board of Directors in this field by doing work urgently said they want to produce projects. The main purpose of the meeting is to establish a ler Logistics Center uk in Aksaray with all of our Institutions and Industrialists to investigate what they can do by stating that the common mind to act MUSIAD Aksaray Branch Board of Directors, ız The first meeting and the participants expressed their great enthusiasm. The establishment of the gibi Logistics Center Aks for Aksaray, which is taking the initiative with the incentive law numbered 5084, will act as a new incentive law and Aksaray will continue to grow X.

Selçuk University Faculty Member Assoc. Turan Paksoy in his presentation; In this period, which can be defined as the age of change and speed, countries, sectors and businesses that want to survive, grow and improve their welfare should be aware that the way of competitive advantage passes through customer satisfaction. In addition to offering high quality and low cost products to customers, it is also important to meet the requested product in desired location, type, duration, quantity and manner. The right product, right place, right time, right amount, right shape and right cost to provide customers quickly "Logistics" concept is identified with the said.

Aksaray Municipality Vice President Abdurrahim Sertdemir stated that the municipality has been working on “Logistics Center em and they give importance to this issue. In the development of the Organized Industrial Zone as Aksaray Municipality, they said that they work hard in the restructuring of the small industrial site and they are working as a municipality within the establishment of yapılandırıl Logistics Center Aks.

Vice Rector of Aksaray University Dr. Hilmi Bahadır Akın stated that they were pleased with the work of MÜSİAD and stated that they will be active in every study that is in the interest of Aksaray and they can give any kind of support. Prof. Dr. Aksaray University, with all the academic staff of the University-Industry cooperation, in particular to serve in all areas indicating that the Vice Rector. Dr. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Bahadır Akın stated that they should work hard for the development, growth and planned development of Aksaray and that Aksaray should take the place it deserves in the national and international arena.

Head of Economics and Administrative Sciences Dr. İbrahim Bakırtaş stated that although Aksaray is on the historical Ipekyol route and it is a city familiar with the trade with caravanserais, Aksaray has not benefited from these values ​​enough. However, with the olabil Logistics Center. To be established, it can be transformed into a structure compatible with the historical mission of the city and stated that our country can be from both production base cities and export centers.

Organized Industry Region Manager Ismet Caglar said that he was pleased with the meeting and that Aksaray should not lose its time by implementing its projects rapidly. The tir Logistics Center bir to be established by Aksaray Organized Industrial Zone will be evaluated one more time and the growth will reflect positively. Otherwise, meetings will not turn into a concrete structure and will waste time. What is important here is the transformation of projects into practice.

Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry Vice President Ramazan Yilmaz, as a sector, will accelerate its growth by transforming Aksaray into a center of attraction with its logistics center. As a result of our participation in the logistics sector and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aksaray said they are ready to give all kinds of contributions to the project.

MÜSİAD Aksaray Branch President Kerim Aids have said that they received very positive opinions from the first meeting and they were excited for this reason. The development and development of Aksaray will only be with the unity of all institutions and NGOs. If we are one, we can mobilize the common mind and find the most appropriate one for our city and our people. A growing Aksaray will contribute to every citizen and every trader, industrialist, and will enable businesses to transform into national-scale, corporate enterprises. ”Organized Animal Husbandry Region her, abil Logistics Center eh and” Attractive Tourism Center Aksaray gesi activities will be happy for us.

In his 2023 vision, Aksaray stated that they are working to increase the contribution to the 500 billion-dollar export target and to transform our businesses into export-oriented corporate firms, and that they are trying to make giant projects for this purpose. One of the projects that we care about for being the export base of the middle east of Aksaray is the ü Organized Animal Husbandry Region ler and the ü Logistics Center doğ project.

On this occasion, Konya Selcuk University lecturer Assoc. Dr. Prof. Dr. Turan Paksoy to Aksaray Municipality Vice President Abdurrahim Sertdemir, Vice Rector of Aksaray University Dr. Prof. Dr. Hilmi Bahadır Akın, Prof. Dr. I would like to thank Ibrahim Bakirtaş for the Vice Presidency of Aksaray Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. Ramazan Yilmaz and Organized Industrial Zone Director Ismet Caglar.

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