Meram Express is on its last flight


Meram Express Cancellation: Meram Express is on its last flight. Eskişehir Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Line cuts 2. Meram Express 30 will make its last expedition on Monday and 2 will not make a year-long voyage.

The second high-speed train of the Ankara-Istanbul High-Speed ​​Train Line in Ankara-Eskişehir-2009, which is the biggest high-speed train line of our country, is located in Ankara-Eskişehir. Meram Express 30 will be on its last expedition on Monday, January and 24 will not make a voyage during the month. Within the scope of this study, while the Central Anatolian Blue Express continued to Adana-Arifiye-Adana flights, changes were made to Konya on arrival and departure times. While the passenger and freight trains departing to Istanbul are canceled, there will be no change in the commuter train service. 30 Meram Express, which will go to Haydarpaşa on 17.05, will make its last flight from Haydarpaşa to Konya. The Haydarpasa-Konya-Haydarpasa line covers the provinces of Istanbul, Bilecik, Kutahya, Afyon and Konya.


Within the same study, the Central Anatolian Blue Train, which runs on the Istanbul-Adana train line, will also go to Arifiye. Central Anatolia Blue Train operating in the Adana-Istanbul route was changed due to work and arrival times in Konya. According to this change, the Central Anatolia Blue Train arriving in Konya in the daytime will come to Konya at 12.18 and 00.10 will move to 12 after a waiting period of 00.22. The new line of the train which runs on the Adana-Istanbul route is as follows: Adana-Ulukışla-Ereğli-Karaman-Konya-Aksehir-Afyon-Kütahya-Enveriye-Arifiye.


authorities stating that 31 January 2012 which will make its final voyage from the day Meram Express and timetable with the changes made on the changes made in Anatolia Blue Train on the route Turkey State Railways official found on the website, citizens also noted that necessary measures are not to be victims. Officials who stated that necessary measures were taken, ım 1 In February, the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, TCDD General Directorate, General Directorate of Roads, General Directorate of Highway Regulation and the governorships in the provinces of the route, meetings with our mayors and measures to prevent our citizens from being victimized. they were taken alınmış.


High-speed train work within the scope of the changes in the train will be affected by the negative effects of the citizens who say they will suffer because of the future of high-speed train said. Citizens stating that they are glad that the train journey to Istanbul is coming to an end to go to Istanbul, dik We are very happy to go to Istanbul in a short time such as 3 or 3.5 hours after finishing the train works. We hope to finish the accident without a fault and we can take the fast train, an he said.

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