Erdogan threw the first source to Marmaray

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, KadıköyParticipated in the 'First Rail Welding Ceremony' at Marmaray Ayrılıkçeşme Station in Turkey.
Speaking at the ceremony, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "The late Denktash has displayed a truly unforgettable leadership in the struggle for existence of Cyprus, in the establishment of the TRNC and in the strongest defense of the rights of our Cypriot brothers."

Prime Minister Erdogan, Kadıköy He started his speech at the "first ray welding ceremony in Marmaray" held at the Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station, by wishing God's mercy to Rauf Denktaş, the founding president of the TRNC, who lost his life yesterday, and the symbolic name of the Cyprus trial.

Erdogan, said:

“I once again convey my patience and condolences to his family, relatives, brothers in TRNC and our beloved nation for this painful loss. The deceased Denktaş has shown a truly unforgettable leadership in the struggle for the existence of Cyprus, the establishment of the TRNC and the strongest defense of the rights of our Cypriot brothers. I am sure that this struggle he wages will be continued with the same love and determination in the TRNC. Peace in Cyprus, reconciliation, peace and stability, in particular to ensure protection of the rights of the Turkish Cypriots for supporting our abilities we have in this case motherland Turkey, we will continue to support the Turkish Cypriots. "

-Lefter's death-

Reminding that Lefter Küçükandonyadis also passed away yesterday, Prime Minister Erdoğan continued as follows: “Again, the legendary name of Turkish football that we lost yesterday and the unforgettable player of our national team, Fenerbahçe football team, who was deemed worthy of the title of ordinary in football, too, as the nation. I express our gratitude. "

Erdoğan offered his condolences to Lefter's family, relatives and Fenerbahçe community.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “The Marmaray Project, look, underlining, it is not an Istanbul Project. Marmaray, Turkey is a project that combines Europe and Asia, is an intercontinental projects, the Marmaray project is a world, "he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan, Kadıköy Held at the Fountain of Departure Station "the first ray source ceremony of Marmaray" in his speech at the today, the first source to be held in Turkey's 150-year dream, he wished to be beneficial Marmaray experiencing a new turning point.

“In 1860, we brought a dreamed project, a dream of 150 years, to the stage of laying the rails. Today, we are not merely embodying a 150-year-old dream. Today, we are transforming one of the most original projects in the world, a wonder of transportation, an engineering masterpiece, ”Erdogan said, adding that the job is not an easy task.

Erdogan continued his speech:

“To see Marmaray as laying tubes under the sea and placing rails inside it would be to underestimate it. We are doing this under a sea where there are two currents in the opposite direction. We realize this project with the deepest immersed tube tunnel in the world, 60 meters deep from the surface. We are not only building a rail transportation system, we are building a work of art with fine craftsmanship. Here I want to express this point in particular.

The Marmaray Project, look, I emphasize this especially, it is not an Istanbul Project. Marmaray project is a Turkey, Asia and Europe is a project that combines cross-linking continents, is a world Marmaray project. This project is as much a Van project as it is an Istanbul project, it is a Tekirdağ project, it is an Antalya, Yozgat, Erzurum, Kars project. In fact, this project is closely related to London in the West and Beijing in the East.

With the completion of Marmaray, only Anatolian and European sides will not be combined with the rail system. With this project, an uninterrupted railway line will be established between Beijing and London and a 'modern silk road' will be built. "

When the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars Railway Project with the High Speed ​​Rail projects are completed, Turkey's most important Asian European corridors in transportation, Erdogan stating that rises to the strategic country of location, while this project has been moving with maximum environmental sensitivity, fish spawning, migration of fish He noted that even their ways were taken into consideration.

Erdoğan, in order to protect the natural life, re-seed the wastes from the underwater excavations. kazanExpressing that they are also angry, he continued as follows:

“Within the scope of the Marmaray Project, we are building 40 stations on the Asian and European sides. 76,3 kilometers of the 13,6 kilometer line is built under the sea, under the ground. 75 thousand passengers per hour will be transported in one direction. The train will be able to move on these lines every 2 minutes. When the project is completed, Üsküdar Sirkeci will be available in just 4 minutes. From Söğütlüçeşme to Yenikapı in 12 minutes, from Bostancı to Bakırköy in 37 minutes, from Gebze HalkalıIt is now possible to reach 105 in minutes.

Currently, the share of the rail system in urban transportation in Istanbul is 8 percent. When Marmaray is completed, this rate will increase to 28 percent. Hopefully, with the activation of Marmaray, Istanbul traffic will be significantly relieved. This is a bit related to the adaptation of our people to public transport culture. A serious fuel saving will be achieved, and most importantly, a significant time saving will be achieved. "

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan stated that some sections of the KCK operations have been disturbed recently and said, "Illegality will never be a place in our country. We want to see everything above ground. "If they believe in a democratic parliamentary system, then this struggle must go on within the framework of the law, under the roof of the parliament."

Erdogan, Kadıköy In his speech at the "first rail welding ceremony in Marmaray" held at the Ayrılık Çeşmesi Station, he said:

“Nowadays, we see that there are some disturbances in some segments of these KCK operations. I am calling out to my dear nation. I am calling out to my beloved nation all over my country. I appeal to all my citizens, regardless of their ethnicity. This country, regardless of who is involved in terrorism, who is involved in terrorism, whoever is involved in terrorism, who violates the law, we, the security forces, will take these steps within the framework of the law, in accordance with all the decisions of the judiciary, we will not underestimate the past. like. Illegality will never have a place in our country. We want to see everything above ground. If they believe in the democratic parliamentary system, then this struggle must be carried out under the roof of the parliament within the framework of law, but if you try to take these things underground, then of course you will find the judgment of this country, of course, you will find the security forces. "

Stating that they have to walk decisively in this struggle to the end, Prime Minister Erdogan said, “The peace of our nation requires this, its happiness requires it. For this, we will take this step and we will never struggle to provoke this in a period when our country is at its most ideal point of growth in the economy, ”he said.

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, "We did not get lost in the corridors, labyrinths and deep corridors of Ankara, on the contrary, we deciphered all those corridors, labyrinths, deep corridors and deep relationships."

In his speech at the first rail welding ceremony at 'Marmaray' in Ayrılıkçeşme, Erdoğan said that they have reached today by raising the bar at any moment for 9 years, and that they will never and never allow the bar that they raised high to fall down, to be pulled down.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "starting out from certain isolated events, those events also because of the different interpret the producing pessimistic scenario for Turkey, dreams of producing chaos scenario for Turkey, have no doubt, will come to naught," he said.

Prime Minister Erdogan, said:

"You see, there are those who are heroic with a single summary. However, there are 13 reports about him. Apart from just insulting the judiciary, there are 3 summary reports. Before this, why didn't you put up such heroic scenarios, you were shouting and shouting, but now you put forward a fezleke and heroism with it? You are talking about the execution, you are talking about this, you are talking about this ...

And you immediately look at the trouble of their own parties, "I wonder if we can collect it with such a scenario?" and someone comes and walks to the Presidency of the Assembly. This is also very funny. Probably, there are no people among them who got their share of the law. You must have a summary about the lifting of immunity. Is there a summary about all of you? No… Which immunity does not want to be lifted? What is the problem? The point is this: After that, he says 'Theater in Silivri'. There is no theater in Silivri, the theater is in the Main Opposition Group. There are as many entertainers as you don't look for, and what they do is show. My nation should know that too.

Are there problems with the judiciary? We came by solving it for 9 years, after that we will walk to the future by solving it. Are there deficiencies regarding democracy? We have come to complete these shortcomings for 9 years, and we will progress to the future by perfecting our democracy. This is what we mean by advanced democracy. "

- "No one should pump despair and pessimism to the country" -

Saying that they will close, compensate and take care of all kinds of problems in economy, foreign policy and social life, all kinds of deficiencies in the day, when the time comes, as the conditions are formed and the ground is ready, Erdogan said, “No one should pump the country with despair and pessimism. Nobody should pay attention to the smear campaigns carried out, the black scenarios produced, and the abuse attempts made over painful events. No one should be deceived by the artificial agendas and virtual agendas of the opposition that lives in their own world, disconnected from the realities of the nation and the country. "We are never those who wash what they do with their own hands or shoot a bullet in their feet."

Erdogan, 9 throughout the year, courageously, decisively, hand in hand with the nation will not step back from the reforms they said.

Expressing that when they came to power, there were impenetrable and deaf walls around Ankara, so to speak, Erdoğan said:

“The voice of 80 provinces could not reach Ankara. Ankara could not produce solutions for itself, let alone 80 provinces. We removed all of those walls. We completely removed the barriers between the nation and the nation's capital. We have transformed Ankara into a capital city that produces solutions for the nation, for the country, and implements the solutions resolutely. We were not lost in Ankara's corridors, labyrinths and deep corridors. On the contrary, we have deciphered all those corridors, labyrinths, deep corridors and deep relationships. For 9 years, Ankara has transformed in the direction of the will of the nation. It was our Government that transformed Ankara for 9 years. Today, Turkey produces solution for folks who represents the Grand National Assembly. Today, the government of the nation produces solutions, projects, investments, and reforms for the nation. Today, the judiciary of the nation produces justice in the name of the nation, in an impartial, independent, and unconnected way, with the power it receives from the nation. Today, the institutions of the country are doing their work in harmony, in coordination, within the limits of their duties. "

- "We do not paint a pink painting" -

Stating that they never claimed that everything was perfect, Erdogan said, “We do not paint pink paintings. But with determination, patience and courage, we are completing the current problems and deficiencies, and we are walking to the future step by step, step by step to 2023 ”.

Erdogan stated that they did not turn to date, but transformed in line with the will of the nation and stressed that they would continue to transform in line with the direction drawn by the nation.

Erdogan said, “Just as we build schools, hospitals, residences, roads, high-speed train lines, we build masterpieces such as Marmaray, we will continue to develop and build the democracy road, the highway of democracy and the infrastructure of democracy in the most powerful way. " said.

Hoping that the new stage they started with this first welding ceremony in Marmaray will be auspicious for the new period, Erdoğan said, “I would like to express my gratitude to our Ministry of Transport, State Railways, all relevant institutions, private sector, companies, all those who have contributed and shed their sweat. I wish the first source to be a means to good deeds, I say that Allah will grant him all and I greet you all with love and respect ”
He said.

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