High speed train is the agenda of the first meeting of 2012 provincial coordination board in Manisa

The first meeting of Manisa Provincial Coordination Board of 2012 was held under the chairmanship of Governor Halil İbrahim Daşöz. TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Sebahattin Eriş said that there are two high-speed train line projects for Manisa.

At the meeting where investor organizations, mayors and district governors were present, Governor Daşöz said that there were 2011 public projects throughout the province in 443, and their total cost was 3 billion 87 million 584 thousand TL. Governor Daşöz said, “1 billion 116 million 953 thousand TL was spent for the projects in previous years. For 2011, a total of 508 million 101 thousand TL was allocated to these projects. As of 2011, 407 percent cash realization by spending 50 million 80 thousand TL

provided. "While 184 of these projects have been completed, 145 are still ongoing, 78 are at the tender stage and 36 projects have not started yet."

Erol Altun, the Regional Manager of the Highways in Izmir, stated that the 2012 projects in the year 22 in Manisa were in 1 and the total amount was 200 billion XNUMX. Altun, Manisa-Izmir highway will shorten the distance of the Sabuncubeli Tunnel work continues rapidly and in the entrance of the tunnel in the province of Manisa said they went to change the project.

The most important topic of the meeting was the high-speed train project, which is important for Manisa. TCDD 3rd Regional Manager Sebahattin Eriş gave brief information to the investors about the high-speed train project. Underlining that the Izmir-Ankara railway line is 827 kilometers, Eriş said that thanks to the high-speed train project, this line will decrease to 620 kilometers and Ankara will be reached in 250 hours with the high-speed train going at a speed of 3,5 kilometers. Stating that the approximate cost of the high-speed train project will be 6 billion 500 thousand TL, Eriş,

He stated that the tender for the project's Ankara-Afyon railway line was made. Eris stated that the tender for the Izmir-Manisa and Uşak railway line of the project will be held this year and said, “Our general directorate will carry out the tender in the coming months. As of the end of 2015, we are planning to put the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train line into service. In this way, 6 million passengers will be transported annually with the Izmir-Ankara high speed train line and 7 million TL will be earned ”

Pointing out that the Manisa railway network will change completely with the high-speed train project, Eriş said, “The railway line within the borders of Manisa will also be changed completely. There are not one but two high speed train line projects for Manisa. The first is the Izmir-Ankara high-speed train railway, the second is the Istanbul-Izmir high-speed train railway project. "The first is coming to life, and the second will be implemented in the coming years."

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