Domestic industry is developing in railway

railway in Turkey 'Soviet' evokes a feeling of backwardness. The desperation of the Anatolian people with wooden suitcases, who migrated from the village to the city, fallen on the film frames, seeking hope…

In this sense, Turkey's 'land of the train' is being demolished with the transition to high-speed trains.

Until xnumx'y 'state policy' as all four sides of the dormitory iron network with ruins Turkey, enter the 'interregnum revolution only when stopped to xnumx't and 1946 year when the latest technology made once the high-speed train rails began laying. Metro and trams have become the symbol of the modern city.

One of the architects of this change, TCDD General Manager Suleyman Karaman with the invitation of the state railways of South Korea and Japan to these countries have made a busy day of intensive travel 4. Exciting impressions can fit in this corner as follows:

High Speed ​​Rail Turkey's biggest partner in South Korea. EUROTEM, founded in partnership with Hyundai Rotem, ASAŞ, Haco and TCDD in Adapazarı, produces trains for Marmaray.

The 2003 has a major pillar of the 'second state policy' of 5:

1 - Renewal of old lines: 11 6,500 km of the thousand km railway has been renewed.

2- High Speed ​​Train Project: Ankara-Eskisehir and Ankara-Konya are completed, Sivas and Istanbul lines are being constructed. Bursa and Izmir projects are also being studied.

3-Asia-Europe corridor: Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway will be connected to Marmaray and a seamless line will be created from Beijing to Portugal.

4- Urban Inland Rail Public Transport: Egeray is in service in Marmaray, Izmir and it is growing. Ankara and Gaziantep will start soon.

5- Indigenous railroad industry to create.

Latest headlines one of the most important parts of Turkey's future vision. In the early years of the Republic of the historical iron nets Turkey, which do not produce rails xnumx'l year he had entered the country. TCDD General Manager Karaman summarized the change in the last 2000 year. We convinced Kardemir and produced rail for high-speed trains. We convinced TCI, making the train wheels. German and Austrian companies have established factories producing railway equipment in Erzincan, Sivas and Çankırı. Alman

I've underlined the 'convinced' statement.

"Turkey's plans 2023 45 billion rail investment there. Now we're doing all the infrastructure. In the superstructure, we increased the native rate above the 50 on the fast train. In total, we are able to produce a high-speed train line with over 30 percent local production. Together with TÜBİTAK, we are working on the first local railway signaling software. TÜ

Another highlight of Karaman is the fact that the öz train tracks tren, which are identified with the migration from the village to the city, will reverse this migration. Acak High-speed trains will also increase the number of trips between cities. In Europe, the number of annual long-term trips per person exceeds 20. In Denmark, this number goes up to 40. In the 10 I have stayed in Turkey. With the renewal of high-speed trains and stations, we can even cross the road if 15 is out. Germany did this, not a burden on the state today, but rather the burden of the state. Almanya

While listening to these in Korea, we got the news that "The training plane crashed in Izmir, two pilots were martyrs". The T-1950s dating back to the 37s are almost 'flying coffins'. The design and assembly work of the first domestic training aircraft, HÜRKUŞ, still continues. Turkey should consider selling aircraft in the 100s on it. TCDD is a good example for the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries.

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