Measures in level crossings reduced accidents

Thanks to the measures taken during the last 10 years, the number of dead and wounded in these accidents has been greatly reduced by level crossing accidents. 78 in the number of accidents in the level crossings, 15 in the number of people who lost their lives in these accidents, 50 reduction in the number of injured was achieved.

According to TCDD's "Level Crossing Report", accidents in level crossings are numerically reduced, but among the most important problems of TCDD. According to statistics, 600 people die every year in accidents at level crossings in Europe. According to the International Railways Association (UIC), 95 percent of these accidents are from road users. the same situation in Turkey. When the 2008 accidents and incidents that occurred at level crossings in 2009-2010 and 497 are examined according to their occurrence, 58 percent of them are "entering the barrier-free passage without stopping", and 14 percent of road vehicles by "slalom crossing through barrier crossings". It was recorded that he was trying to cross.

As a result of the accidents, TCDD officials stated that "although the railway vehicles have the advantage of passing, TCDD has been unfairly criticized publicly through the media," even though the vehicle driver is 100 percent defective in the newspaper news, "Train Car Mowed" of the train accidents. He complains about his publication with titles like.

Reminding that the duty of ensuring the passage safety at level crossings is in accordance with the Supreme Planning Council Decision, the authorities and institutions that use the road are under the obligation of TCDD, although it was not under the obligation of TCDD, in 2002-2010, TCDD spent 30 million lira for level crossing improvements. They stated that 2011 million lira was allocated to improve and protect the level crossings.

While there were 2002 level crossings on the railway network in 4.810, to increase the railway traffic security; Expressing that 1.334 level crossings with low visibility and low road vehicle traffic were closed and the number of crossings was reduced to 3.476, TCDD officials noted that between 2002 and 2011, 530 cross-level crossings with free cross signs were made with flashers, bells and automatic barriers. Authorities stressed that since 2002, the coatings of 976 level crossings have been renewed and the transition comfort of road vehicles has been improved.

With the measures taken in the last 10 years, the number of accidents in level crossings has decreased by 78 percent, the number of dead by 15 percent and the number of injured by 50 percent. While 2002 people died and 189 were injured in 43 accidents that occurred in 175, the number of accidents decreased to 2011, the number of dead to 42 and the number of injured to 36 in 87.

In order for an incident at the level crossing to be considered an “accident” according to UIC standards, death, serious injury (more than two days of inpatient treatment), more than 150 euros of damage or more than 6 hours of traffic must be interrupted.

- International workshop will be held under the leadership of -TCDD.

TCDD, within the scope of efforts to prevent level crossing accidents; On 12-13 January 2012, a workshop on "Level Crossing Improvement" will be held in Istanbul, under the roof of UIC, with the participation of the teams responsible for the International Level Crossings Awareness Day (ILCAD) event and the officials of the General Directorate of Land Transport, General Directorate of Highways and the General Directorate of Security.

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