Lazboard Ski Festival

Some skiers fell during skiing in Rize instead of skiing with the boards called 'Lazboard' and some flew off the slope. Approximately 2 people attended the event organized by Verkenik Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club (VDDK) in Meşeköy at an altitude of 100 thousand. Mountaineers reached the ski trail after a long walk with the boards called 'Lazboard' in the region. The mountaineers who experimented and tried to get used to 'Lazboard' then competed among them. The mountaineers were accompanied by the residents of Meşeköy, who switched from Lazboard to Snowboard. During the demonstrations, most climbers fell, some climbers flew off the slope.

During the day-long activities, cold climbers tried to warm up by hitting horon with a fiddle. Climbers, holding hands and running together, left themselves on the slope. Stating that it is enjoyable to ski with Lazboards, Çağla Karahasan said, “It is a different excitement to ski from the mountain with Lazboard. Everyone should experience this excitement. ” Emine Durmuş said, “It was a great skiing activity. It was the first time that I had such excitement. First I made Lazboard and then Snowboard. ”


VDDK President Emin Ali Kalcıoğlu stated that it is very enjoyable to ski with Lazboard, the ancestor of the ski, and said: “With this event, we wanted to protect the culture that has lived in Meşeköy for 150 years. We had the pleasure of Lazboard. Snow structure is very good. Skiers must discover this place. Lazboard is not easy but it is very enjoyable when learned. It happened when I fell, but it was a joy to fall. ”

Explaining that he has been skiing with the boards they call 'Lazboard' for years in Meşeköy, Hızır Havuz said:

“This is our village's ancestor sport that has been going on for 150 years. We try to keep it alive. If there was a cable car in our village, this business would develop further. We've been skiing since our childhood. This is fun for us. Our village is filled with this activity. "


The re-emergence of ancestor sport in Meşeköy started with the introduction of ski sport Heliski 7 years ago in Kaçkar Mountains. Skiing sports came to the fore again in the region as the athletes who were taken to the summits by helicopters slid down from the mountains. The residents of Meşeköy Village, whose images were paid attention to the skiers published in newspapers and televisions, also brought the boards that their grandfather slid in the snow back to light, inspired by the name Snowboard used by the athletes and started skiing again with the boards that they named Lazboard. Some of the villagers who advanced the business in Meşeköy, where everyone from 7 to 70 skied, passed from Lazboard to Snowboard last year.

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