Rail-way highway to Izmir

Binali Yildirim, Minister of Maritime Affairs and Communications, stated that in addition to the highway projects that will connect the southern and northern axes of Izmir, they will make a rail ring road.

Yildirim, AA correspondent, said they discussed the projects in Izmir in two contexts, in the first context, Izmir's urban public transportation problem to solve the problem, he said.

In this context, expressing that they are giving weight to rail system projects, Yildirim, Izmir Highway and Rail Gulf Transition Project (İZKARAY) with the Izmir Gulf environment, said that they will build a railroad track.

Yıldırım stated that İZKARAY project will be integrated with İzmir Bay Crossing, and sırasıyla İZKARAY project was completed after the completion of İzmir Körfez Crossing by connecting Mavişehir to İzmir Ring Road and following Bornova, Otogar, Buca and Balçova. draw a connected circle. With İZKARAY project, we make a full cycle time to Izmir, which will be approximately 60 minutes.

Yıldırım said that the existing ring road is about 55 and that the missing ring will be completed with the completion of the gulf transition and the connection will become a complete circle. K In other words, İzmir has two necklaces. One of them will be rail transit, one of them will be highway. Bir

- ”Metro length will exceed 70 kilometers - -

Lightning, rail system projects within the scope of the existing 11 kilometer metro system 70 stating that the plans to remove Yildirim, densely Bornova-Bus Station, Üçkuyular-Narlıdere and Urla rail system connections completed by completing the city's 30-35 annual transportation and public transportation system will be solved would be solved .

Izmir, Ankara, Istanbul, Çanakkale and Antalya to connect faster and more comfortable transportation infrastructure projects also voicing Lightning, said:

Seviy These highways will bring Izmir to the next level. If you go to Ankara today at the 8 hour, it will drop to 3,5 hours after the highway. High Speed ​​Train Line is also being constructed in Ankara. The High Speed ​​Train will reduce the 8-10 hours of 3,5 hours. The same is done between Istanbul and Izmir. The tender for the highway between these two cities was made and construction started. We made the tender in the High Speed ​​Train line, we will start construction this year.

The 35 project and 2023 targets for İzmir are just tools. A vehicle for a seamless Izmir with its infrastructure, transportation, communication. Health, history, sea and sun, a brand for thermal tourism in Izmir. Vehicle for a pioneer in export in Izmir. I would like to see a modern Izmir with all of these projects. I want to see the beautiful Izmir, which is already beautiful. Izmir, Turkey saw the power of the people and the essence should understand at first glance. "

Yıldırım also stated that he was frequently asked ede what crazy projects are for İzmir ederek and added 'As the Ministry, we think only İzmir will come in every project. Because Izmir, 'crazy projects, rather than the future needs beautiful projects,' he said.

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