Istanbul Metro accelerates its operations due to bad weather

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Disaster Coordination Center (AKOM) with the increase of the effect of snowfall was red alerted again. IETT 350 put additional voyages while the city lines steamers were canceled due to snowfall.

In the statement made by AKOM, it was noted that the snow-fighting teams continued their work against icing continuously in 9 regions with 2 thousand 406 personnel and 870 vehicles, while the red alarm was initiated by increasing the effect of snowfall. Within the scope of the fight against snowfall, 3 thousand 772 tons of salt and 73 tons of solution were used from last night. The icing roads, which are placed at 28 different points in the main arteries, are intervened by taking into account the warnings of the early warning system. The road surface temperature detected by the sensors is automatically transmitted to the central computers. With the analyzes made here, it sends a warning message to the mobile phones of the plowing and salting officers working on the field 45 minutes before, as "intervene the beginning of icing". After the teams work on the specified path, again, the message "Icing was interfered, risk disappeared" comes from the sensors.

Snowfall causes disruption in transportation. Due to snowfall and storm city lines ferries can not make their voyages. Istanbul Sea Bus (İDO) flights are also experiencing disruptions. IETT put 350 additional expeditions on various lines. Istanbul metro also increased its expeditions.

Source: CİHAN

Günceleme: 24/11/2018 13:39

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