Bursa Train Station of the high-speed train was also announced: Modern architecture

Bursa Train Station of the high-speed train was also announced: Modern architecture

Although, kesin There has not been a final consensus on the place.


Short name of the public TCDD know as The Republic of Turkey State Railways speed train Bursa Train Station as location Start 'on the back of the forest where the stream was located.


First Bursa Metropolitan Municipality some non-governmental organizations Bursa Railway Station 'about transport systems integration with regard to Bursa Intercity Bus Terminal 'what is the nearest point Dereçavuş 'they are standing on a.


During the week, the post-auction process worked and TCDD and the contractor consortium signed by signing the construction phase.


Eyes once again high-speed train and station Translated.

According to the project…

High speed train for Bursa Station project Bursa'3 station will be held in three different classes.

First station large type category Bursa Train Station has its name. the project Yenisehir Station planned building medium type category. Gürsu Railway Station as well, developed for less populated places small type station envisaged.

From these three stations only Yenişehir Station 'Cut the location. Large category Bursa Train Station with small class Gürsu Railway Station places were not finalized.


TCDD technical specifications in the project Bursa Railway Station 'laid the architectural understanding of. The project photos of the project are Levent Özen'in http://www.rayhaber.com published on the website.

From photos ...

Bursa Railway Station 'in accordance with the modern development of the city modern architecture it is understood that it carries traces.

Between the station building and the rails on the top of the platform where passengers will ride on the platform as a transparent material covered with steel construction, the interior is also included in the modern lines.

For photos http://www.arkitera.com Thank you to

Source: Event - Ahmet Emin Yılmaz

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