What is Havaray?

Havaray is a tram project that goes from the air made to ease the traffic of Istanbul.

It is a kind of public transport for the first time in Turkey, which has been made into METU campus.

The first application in Istanbul is planned to be a total of 3.5 km, starting from Şişhane station and extending to Kasımpaşa and from there to Kulaksız, to the line Okmeydanı Cemal Kamacı Sport Facilities. The cost of this line is calculated as 300 million YTL .. It is announced by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 2008 Plan 2-3 is planned to be implemented in the year and then it is thought to be made to the other traffic problem areas of Istanbul. The advantage of Havaray is that Havaray is considered as an alternative solution for subway and light rail systems in areas where population density is high and streets and streets are narrow.

The traffic problem of Istanbul, which has now turned into a complete torture of traffic, will be solved to a great extent thanks to Havaray.

Megakentin transportation problem will be solved with havaray. Moving the rail system into the air, which creates an alternative way to the project was announced.


A total of 47.8 different lines of 8 kilometers were determined in Istanbul for havaray, which means 'tram going in the air'. 4 of the lines will be located on the Anatolian side, while 4 of them will be built on the European side. Havaray, which will act on columns, will not affect existing traffic and roads. In public transportation, the airfields that will be integrated with systems such as metro and metrobus are considered to be mostly short-distance.


The removal of minibuses will be on the agenda after the airplanes to be built in the regions where the minibuses are being transported. It is also planned to operate the Havars by minibuses.

With the air, which is used as the favorite public transportation system in Japan and China as well as in European countries, 40-50 thousand passengers can be transported per day. The system, which can carry an average of 10 thousand passengers per hour, will be 2 minutes between stops. Municipal officials noted that the work on these projects is at the final stage and will be put out to tender soon.

  • 8 is scheduled separately.
  • 40-50 thousand passengers are transported in the countries where it is used.
  • High-capacity ones carry 200 thousand passengers a day.
  • 1 500 can be carried on 3 per day


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