A bag of gold was found on the commuter train in France

The owner of the 20 weighing bag full of gold on a suburban train in France has not yet emerged. The owner of the 20 weighing bag of gold on a train near Paris could not be identified.

The 20 ingot inside the bag is estimated to be about 800,000 in the case of gold.

French police have been trying to detect who dropped the gold-filled bag found by a train attendant at Paris's Massy-Palaiseau train station since Thursday.

Experts say the gold bars may be made of molten gold, because there is no official stamp on them.

The police say that the person who was afraid of the police would be intentionally left in the train.

For this reason, the records of the security cameras at all the stops stopped on Thursday.

The French authorities stand on the possibility that the owner of the bag full of gold can appear.

If this is not the case, the fate of the gold is not yet clear what will happen.

If the gold bag is legally considered in the “treasury” category, it will be shared between the company that operates the train lines and the trainer who finds the bag.

If the bag is placed in the "forgotten item" category, gold will be transferred to the French treasure.




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