24 month break to Eskisehir-Istanbul YHT line

Turkey's largest High Speed ​​Rail Line Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Project, which was the final stage in the construction of Eskisehir-Istanbul sector. Due to the construction of the Köseköy-Gebze section, train traffic will be suspended for 1 years on the Eskişehir-Istanbul line starting from February 2. The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications took a series of measures to ensure that citizens and industrialists are not victims.
Accordingly, during this period, the routine parallel to the route for two years except emergency cases were removed and it was decided to keep the road constantly open. On the other hand, freight trains will be transported by ships between Tekirdağ and İzmit Derince in order to prevent the industrialists from becoming victims.

Eskişehir-İstanbul section, which is planned to be completed in time with Marmaray and integrated with each other in 2013, is made according to the latest high speed train technology with double lines, electric and signal.

TCDD officials stated that the old line and the new line, which are referred to as "displacement" in the railway literature, are built on top of each other for reasons such as geographical conditions, urbanization and expropriation difficulties. In this context, the authorities, who stated that the Köseköy-Gebze section is completely on the existing line due to the expropriation difficulties, and that it is not possible to sustain the train traffic at the same time with the work carried out, even in terms of safety and completion of the line on the same platform, although the existing road is double lines, They stated that due to the presence of the line, one of the lines was open and the operation of the other was not suitable in terms of project construction time and costs.

This cut was done with the railways in Turkey for the first time in EU grants and loans reminding the authorities that defined the lifetime of the grant, he said:

”Within the scope of YHT line construction works; The existing line between Köseköy-Gebze, built in 1890, will be rebuilt after 122 years and its physical and geometrical conditions will be made suitable for High Speed ​​Train management; the line will be put to the tender, there will be no level crossing on the line.

There are 9 tunnels on the line, 10 tunnels, 122 pieces and 141 pieces. If necessary, these structures will be modified and standardized, 28 pieces of new culverts and 1 underpass will be made. Within the scope of the construction, approximately 1 million 800 thousand cubic meters of excavation and 720 thousand cubic meters of filling will be realized.

On the other hand, a new line from the north is planned parallel to the Köseköy-Gebze section. The third Bosphorus Bridge on the Northern Marmara Motorway will be connected to this road.

In this region of our country, Istanbul-Ankara, which has been designed with Marmaray, Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Railway, will have a multi-choice railway transportation network in the medium term with the second high-speed railway. ”

- "Necessary measures have been taken to ensure that citizens are not victims" -

In the construction process, in order to meet the transportation needs of the citizens in the most reasonable way, under the chairmanship of Transport, Maritime and Communication Minister Binali Yıldırım, meetings were held with the governors of the provinces of the region and Kocaeli, Istanbul, Sakarya Metropolitan Municipalities, Governorships, TCDD General Directorate, General Directorate of Highway Regulation, , Istanbul Transportation Inc. TCDD officials stated that on-site inspections were also carried out by the delegations consisting of officials, and in this context, necessary measures were taken to prevent the citizens from experiencing any victimization as of February 1.

According to this, routine maintenance for two years was removed and the road was kept open all the time. Public transport capacities of municipalities in the region were increased.

On the other hand, the ferry line between Tekirdağ and İzmit Derince has been established for the transportation of freight wagons by ships so that the logistics sector of the industrialists can not be hampered by the transport of the transporters.

The Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Directorate General of Road Regulation, a committee was established to ensure the continuity of coordination between local authorities and governorships during the 2 year, and to carry out necessary works for the easy access of citizens during the time the line was closed.

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