Hatay Logistic Village Agenda

Logistics Master Plan Introduction Meeting, Justice Minister Sadullah Ergin, with the participation of 21 January 2012 on Saturday in the Hatay Governor Tayfur Sökmen Meeting Hall was reported.

Hatay Governor M. Celalettin Lekesiz, Hatay Deputies Orhan Karasayar, Mehmet Onturk, Haci Bayram Turkoglu, Adem Yesildal, Refik Eryilmaz, Hasan Akgol, M. Ali Ediboglu, Iskenderun District Governor Ali Ihsan Su, Antakya Mayor, Mustafa Kemal University Vice Rector Professor Dr. Ali Koç, President of the Provincial Assembly Mehmet Gülen, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration Muhittin Şahin and Secretary General of DOĞAKA Erdoğan Serdengeçti, President of Antakya and İskenderun Chamber of Industry, President of İskenderun Chamber of Shipping, President of Organized Industry Chamber and other officials.

In addition to the Logistics Master Plan, the work on the new service building of the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management and Coordination Center and the Special Provincial Administration were also discussed.


Hatay Governor M. Celalettin Lekesiz, who made the opening speech of the meeting, reminded that they started Master Plan works for the establishment of a Logistic Village centered in the port of İskenderun. At this meeting, we will see the following steps: What are the steps we should follow and what are included in the details of the project, and we will see in the presentation of the Logistics Management Consultant Atilla Yıldıztekin who has great support in this regard. I would like to thank him for this occasion. Bu


Afterwards, Atilla Yıldıztekin, who is carrying out the Logistics Master, gave detailed information about the Logistics Master Plan and the establishment of the Logistics Village based in İskenderun, about the value that it will add to our province and our country.

“With the Logistics Master Plan, compiling logistics focuses active in the region, global strategies related to logistics, EU strategies and national strategies, determining local strategies, creating intermodal transportation infrastructure in the region, improving the working conditions of the region, creating a workforce and country It was aimed to determine the necessary actions to increase the contribution to the economy, to demonstrate the necessity of establishing the training infrastructure, to establish the "İskenderun Logistics Village", and the need to establish the "Logistics Center in Antakya", to provide staff to work, specialize and manage operations for logistics services.


With the Logistics Village and Support Center, İskenderun's market share in national and international transportation will be increased, in our region where Asian, European and Mediterranean regions intersect, it will create an advantage of global competition, İskenderun Port will become the international transfer port of the Eastern Mediterranean, It will be an entry-exit gate for the raw materials and semi-finished products of agricultural industrial products that will be formed within the framework of the GAP Project and will be an important entry point for the transportation of Hatay's Central Asia and even Far East products to the Western markets. will become the transfer center of the products to be exported or exported from Anatolia, service quality will increase in the logistics sector and operational costs will decrease, logistics facilities planned without disturbing the existing structure, relieve the city's settlement, environment and traffic. Acai is.

Logistics Master Plan Platform will be formed in January and February in 2012, and project interviews will be held with relevant institutions, headquarters and Ministries.

After March, the enterprising committee will be established and the Ministry application will be held. İskenderun International Logistics Exhibition and İskenderun International Logistics Conference will be held. 'İskenderun İhtisas Logistics Organized Industrial Zone' will be established. After preparing the business plan and determining the team, the work will be started by establishing the un Iskenderun Logistics Center inden. İş


Hatay Governor M. Celalettin Lekesiz, in a disaster or emergency situation, to ensure coordination with an effective and serial management aimed at the elimination of the effects of disasters or emergencies, and for the purpose of facilitating and accelerating the return to normal life, work for the construction of Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management and Coordination Center about 18 continued for months, the project is concluded and the tender stage, he said.

Governor Lekesiz, reminding that the samples were examined in the world on the subject and said: yardım We have taken care to ensure that both the center and the center of our province are within easy reach of the disaster areas and also the distance from the city in terms of storage here when national and international assistance is received by air. This is not the place where the public meeting area or individual demands will be met, on the contrary, it is the center where the province will be directed and managed from a disaster. Bur

The emergency call center also want to include here, and the Ministry of Interior expressed that the Governor Lekesiz said, ile In our country, the emergency number is called around 60 call number. However, it is important that the citizen can easily remember the emergency numbers and be able to call them when they happen. In developed countries this is the odd number and from childhood it is the only number taught. In our country now, pilot study has been started in a few of our provinces. 3 of this application, will be established in the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management and Coordination Center to be established in our province. In

Then, Hatay Provincial Disaster and Emergency Director Halil Yücelen made a presentation about the subject.

Earthquake resistant and Antioch architecture in the center is taken care of, geographic and meteorological data, supported by camera images and disaster network information network compatible with the information system, sharing information between institutions, efficient management of resources, disaster decision making, healthier decision-making, coordinating the operation, center more effective disaster management will be provided by providing information flow to the administration.

Hatay Governor Lekesiz, Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management and Coordination Center in our province for services such as services and all other services to the Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin, MPs, Secretary General of the Special Provincial Administration and employees, Secretary General of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and staff and thanked the employees for their contributions.


Making an evaluation after the meeting, Minister of Justice Sadullah Ergin thanked everyone who contributed and said: kazanSignificant work is being done on the issue. All of these issues that we are talking about today are the belated steps of this city. Both the Logistics Center and the Provincial Disaster and Emergency Management and Coordination Center, all these are what we need. Thank you to everyone involved.” said.

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