Demiryol-iş Trade Union

📩 24/11/2018 12:16

Cemal Yaman, Head of the Sakarya Branch of the Railways-İş Union, argued that the decision to move Adapazarı Train Station to Arifiye district was wrong.

In his statement, Yaman stated that they are closely following the transfer of Adapazarı Express to Arifiye district and the light rail system project. Expressing that railway transportation is the most important passenger and freight transport systems that show the development of countries and cities, Yaman noted that the train serving between Haydarpaşa-Adapazarı stations is used by thousands of students, lecturers, workers, tradesmen and many other middle-income citizens.

Emphasizing that thanks to this train, people can reach Adapazarı city center from the station they boarded with a single vehicle, Yaman said, “Considering that the passenger transportation is carried out from the terminal with the announced project, intercity passengers will go to the terminal with a vehicle and then they will wait for the train and get on the direction of Haydarpaşa. This situation will eliminate quality and fast passenger transportation together with economic loss. 3-4 thousand tickets are sold daily only from Adapazarı toll booths. Considering that the circulation of more than 100 thousand passengers per month will be done with the light rail system, there will be a bigger traffic problem at the 1st, 2nd and 3rd crossings. Considering that 4 trains a day create problems during rush hour traffic, the light rail system will cut off more in 5-10 minutes and the traffic will become more of a problem. We would like to express the mistake of lifting the train instead of making an overpass or underpass as a solution to the traffic problem in the evening hours in 3 crossings. " he spoke

Source: CİHAN

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