Accident for Bursaray

According to the claim in BURSA, the speeding car hit the railings of the station where Bursaray flights were made.

Bursaray trips to the Organized Industrial Zone were suspended for 30 minutes due to the accident in which two people in the vehicle were injured.

In the accident that took place in the central Nilüfer district last night, the 25 LBA 16-plate car under the management of 43-year-old İlker Şen got out of control due to excessive speed on the Mudanya road. The car hit the railings of İhsaniye Station where Bursaray flights were made and was thrown. In the accident, driver İlker Şen and his friend, 20-year-old Kübra Yazıcıoğlu, were injured. Şen and Yazıcıoğlu were taken to Çekirge State Hospital by ambulance. Due to the accident, 30 minutes was given to Arabayatağı-Emek flights.

The investigation was started by the Bursa Public Prosecutor's Office.

Source: DHA - Uğur SAĞLAM-Faruk KAHRAMAN

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