Archaeologists celebrated with Marmaray

Every time I listen to the presentations of the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Binali Yıldırım, we see that he has made significant transformations in the fields he works.
Since the AK Party came to power, I watched Yıldırım, who had been the leader of his ministers, “It cannot be proposed to change,” the previous evening. He acted as a guest of the Bab-ı Ali Meetings, working like a think tank. Yıldırım is a playful, humorous person, although he actually looks serious.
There are no other projects in the world that pass deeper than him at sea. While explaining the pride project Marmaray, “Istanbul's 2 years of history dates back to 500 years with this project. Archaeologists literally feasted. As they dug, they dug, they went back 8 thousand years, they dug again, 500 thousand years, they dug again 3, 4, and they went down to 5 and 6 thousand. Our 7 years have passed like this. In other words, Marmaray was a project that changed not only transportation but also the history of archeology. ”
Not easy! In this country, a treasure of civilizations, archaeologists always traveled unemployed. They beat Makshi with Marmaray.

Closing of FDI was considered

When Yıldırım passed on the railways, he made the following confession: “When we took office, we made a review. If we closed the State Railways (DDY) completely and sent the employees home, we would earn 3 million liras each day. Because DDY was losing 1 billion lira every year. ”
Yildirim, seriously, thought about turning off DDY. While listing what was done on the railways, he did not neglect to give the “logistics” lesson to the listeners. Stating that the competition has become very difficult, Yıldırım said, “They are manufacturing on the road and sending it to the delivery place” almost in the world, he was right. This happened after China wrapped around everywhere!
Yıldırım also explained how they started to establish the new railway industry after 2005. It was decided after two companies, one of them Czech and one of the Italian companies, kept themselves busy for 2 years. They made us with our money!
And veteran Kardemir-Karabük Demir Çelik was offered to make a 'rail'. They did, competition is a good thing, of course. Karabük is now taking the road.

Software, software and software

Lightning is also a lot of business adventures. Each one becomes a separate novel.
When he said that everything was done on the railways except signaling, his message was: “The devices are not important, the most important thing is the software. Flying the plane or taking the train or placing the satellite in orbit is accomplished with software. That's why I say software, software and software. ”
Young people who are enthusiastic about cognition, pay attention to this message!
Yıldırım decorated the aviation issue with an interesting moment. On a trip, he goes to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. At the same time, Trabzon and Diyarbakır planes landed and baggage started to be given.
He stops for a while, watching passengers from two cities pick up their luggage. It turns out that shalwar, stern passengers and modern clothed passengers are together. Incoming luggage is also interesting. Yıldırım says, “A Samsonite brand suitcase is passing through the walking belt, then a bag, again Samsonite, again a bag. In the past, those who got on the plane knew each other, now nobody knows anyone. Because the villagers, the urbanists, the poor and the rich are flying. I think sociologists should examine this socioeconomic development among the public. ”
Sociologists understand what's going on in this country, and tell us what's happening per task.

Source: Today


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